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Wed, 10/13/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

Tauba is the first stateside friend to visit, though I was so distracted by the search for furniture it was hard to drag myself away to socialise. There were many exchanges of which neighbourhood are you in? and random failed hookups before we actually managed to meet and catch up on news.

She pulled us away from our current favourite leisure activity of "moving boxes from one room to the next" to go see Glasser playing in Hoxton. We stopped in backstage to say hello and blink at the the band, wearing clean room suits and doing some kind of aerobics to warm up before the set.

Many interesting new people were encountered, though I talked of nothing but couches. I've never had one before - it is a very big decision! Tauba and Brent agreed with my analysis that paying full price for a Knoll is perhaps not a wise choice, when living with teenagers. Or at least, I prefer to believe they did.

Home again I made the decision - it will be a faux Knoll for me! While not the most extravagant of my life choices, this is certainly most bougie.

And I feel no shame.