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so my friend J that i'm supposed to be moving in with november first didn't get the job she was supposed to get (frigging hiring freeeze starting right now at the company she was in with!), which means she won't be moving up here into her parents' second home on the lake. which means neither will DD and i. i'm trying to stay positive and remind myself that it must not have been the best thing for us, and that the right thing will come along but....i'm majorly bummed out. it would have been the *perfect* living situation, and now i feel like i'm trapped again in this shitty slum apartment. bah.

crossing fingers that another opportunity will come along, and soon.


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good point. it's a totally badass moustache! you know your 'stache is effing hardcore when it gets mistaken for a beard, so little icon guy....i salute you.

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that really sucks. hope something better comes along soon for ya'll!

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vibes for a different and better opportunity mama.

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That does suck. I'm sorry. Hopefully it won't be too much longer until you can move outta there. I hate disappointments. There's usually nothing that can be done except letting it go. I know you know that, but I know it can be hard.

***fingers crossed***

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I stomp around the room for you, in absentia.

Disappointments are so hard to deal with sometimes. But yeah, something even better is going to come along! I know it. I *will* it!

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That sucks! Try to stay positive. If it's any comfort, I've often thought that living situations with friends would be perfect only to find out that in reality we totally did not mesh as roommates. Might not be applicable at all to your situation but you never know...
Still, it sucks. :(
I know how you feel, sort of. I was super jazzed that my sis was coming to live with DS & I. She's been living at my place since August & it's been cool, but she made a commitment to move in with a friend of hers after a few months. I was hoping I could convice her to stay but that looks more and more unlikely. So I'm majorly bummed at losing the help with rent, with Sebastian, not to mention having another adult around, etc. I'm trying to convince myself that it's for the best in the long run.