Bike ride today!

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Sun, 04/15/2012 - 09:47 -- Susan

Going out for a bike ride today. Can't wait to get on the trail and see the new upgrade part of it. Then later, I think we're maybe going to REI to get the little one a new bike that fits. She learned to ride last year at the tail end of the summer on a bike that only just barely fit her and her little muppet legs.

I'm glad that part of the trail is fixed, much less bike unfriendly twists and turns than the other direction. It's one thing having two adults going along, but kids seem to dismount at the most awkward places... And then the uptight people feel like they have the right to be pretty bitchy about what you should/n't be teaching your kid. You can tell your kid not to stop at the top of a hill as much as you want, but if they want to stop, they'll pullover and stop you and everyone else up short. W'evs. The other direction has better parks closer by anyway.

The only thing I really don't like about getting to the trail, is the busy busy road I/we have to ride along. It has a shoulder on one side that's ok for a little bit, and then goes to nothing, and some cars take delight in buzzing awful near, and others yell at you for riding on the sidewalk when it appears. On the way back it's all sidewalk. I use it and walk when a pedestrian is within 50 feet.

But soon! Bicycling along the lake before everyone and their dog and uncles get out there on a lovely day! I guess maybe even now, since the husband is getting twitchy!