Belly dancing, yoga, viola and sensitive teeth

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First off, I have sensitive teeth. I don't know when it started, but I keep forgetting and buying regular toothpaste and then my teeth hurt and I freak out, like "is there something wrong with me?" and then I remember and I get the stuff for sensitive teeth, and it gets better. Right now, I have owie mouth, but at least I got some toothpaste and it will feel better in a couple of days.
I haven't taken the viola in to get fixed yet because I don't have time and I don't know how much money it will cost, and I really just want to play it (which, of course, is why I'm on the 'puter instead of playing viola).
I've been doing yoga pretty much daily for the past week, on top of taking classes twice a week for the past month or 6 weeks or something. I feel stronger. I found a couple of yoga apps on my fancy pants smart phone. It's nice to do yoga to whatever music I like (which is the appeal of the yoga class that I take).
You may remember when I posted a video of this cutie patootie belly dancer (also very talented):

Well, he's starting to teach classes at a dance studio in my neighborhood (I do loves me some Oakland), so I'm going to take classes from him. I don't care that I am fat and creaky and wrinkly and battle-scarred. This is about *me* having something nice to look at while I attempt to remedy some of the aforementioned less than ideal physical attributes.

For the first time in my life, I can't wait to be old, when I can ogle cute dance teachers and other people will find me adorable or spry--or some shit like that--for being a lecherous old lady.


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oh my god. i fucking love you.

i imagine you *winking* while being that spry, lecherous old woman. im like that too. i have no idea how old you are, and it doesnt matter.

you know that book women who run with the wolves? well she tells of a story about how women have this raunchy, hilarious, no men allowed sense of humour sometimes.... so she talks about overhearing her mom and her aunties laughing about something-one day some president or official or something comes to a poor african village to visit. well the official is shocked because these village women are NAKED. butt naked. so he implores that on his next visit these women need to be dressed. so some guy decides to bring them skirts so at least they can be covered. so big shot president dude comes back to town and he sees a long row of women in skirts. as the car passes, each women lifts up her skirt and covers her breasts and face them- exposing their naked bodies from the waist down.

so funny. we all have a bit of old lady in us, hmm? :)