been laughing and crying at the same time all day....

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because i got a call this morning and was OFFERED THE JOB I'VE BEEN DYING FOR!!!! i start march 1st at the aforementioned women's clinic, and i'm giddy with excitement. eeeeeeeeee!

part of the reason i've been so teary all day is because i'm so proud of myself, but alot of the reason is that i realize how blessed i am to have support from so many wonderful women in my life. my family, friends, and even the women here that i may have never met but have always supported me 100%, mean the world to me, and i'm indescribably lucky to have such strong, smart-as-fuck, loving women believe in me.

i feel like this is, quite literally, the "first day of the rest of my life". it's not that everything leading up to here has been worthless, not by a goddamn longshot, but i feel like i'm finally stepping onto the path that i've been trying to find for so long now. i have miles of road behind me that i've travelled with strength, resolve, and the burning fire to succeed, and here i am stepping onto a new road full of mysterious and thrilling new possibilities, all mine for the taking. fuck, i'm orgasmic over this!

thanks again to everyone for their vibes and love and support; this community is an endless supply of mama GRRRR that i wouldn't trade for anything, and as a single mama trying to find my way in this crazy world that's a gift i know not everyone is lucky enough to stumble upon.

okay, i'll stop rambling like a total blissdork and just end with FUCK, I DID IT!!! i can't wait to meet the challenges of this job and rock them all head on. more updates to come, obviously. you'll be wishing soon there's a "hide" option on hip mama like there is on facebook, HA!




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sssssssoooooooo happy!

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Awesome. Congratulations!

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congrats and more congrats!!!
i'm totally excited for you
: )

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Congrats mama! You deserve to feel proud. What a wonderful example for your DD. Imagine the information that will become common knowledge to her. Fantastic!

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I'm so happy and excited for you!! Congratulations :party:

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That's awesome! I just saw this. I think this is really fabulous news. The women who you come across will be lucky to have met you, whether they are in positions to ever realize it or not, you will have done your best to do right by them.
Yay for women who realize how strong they are and have been all along!!!!!

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Like I said- you're gonna rock that job's socks off! Congratulations!