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Wed, 11/03/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

Now that I own a table, I can throw dinner parties! Though the guest list is strictly limited by the number of chairs. And forks.

In other news, I surfaced from unpacking only long enough to take note of the fact that Stephen Fry claims women do not like sex. Or to be more specific, that they do not typically engage in cottaging. Translation: picking up strangers for anonymous encounters, often conducted in shrubbery or (historically) public restrooms.

Commentary and ridicule have been widespread, so I will only make the observation that women, in my experience, need not bother. We can afford to be picky, and I for one am allergic to shrubbery. However, I could walk out my front door and find a date without any effort - and the selected recipient of my charms would do whatever I liked, on any terms.

Personally I enjoy Mr. Fry most in Jeeves & Wooster mode, but if he is ever inclined to explore the truth of female sexuality I would be happy to take him on a guided tour. We could hook up with Ana Erotica for another Hunt for Bad Boys and Lumberjacks . . . hilarious fun, though probably not appropriate for the family audiences of his television shows.

Oh, and speaking of boys willing to do most anything to woo me, check it out: Dr. Byron Cook, Geek of the Week.