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shadeshaman's picture I took some classes last spring to become a post-partum doula. I have made more than enough money to pay for the training, so that is good. However, last night when I nearly broke my toe on the way to my own bathroom (dark + chair + toe= ow!), and then felt RELIEF that I could use it as an excuse not to meet with a prospective doula client (but was totes ready to book a new cleaning client for next week), I got very clear. I don't want to be a doula.
I like babies, I like people. But I don't like being stuck overnight at someone else's house, by myself with two babies to take care of, alone. I did that (well, in my own house) years ago. Maybe if I were doing day gigs, that would be better, but I would have to create space in my schedule, space that I don't have. And, really, I need socializing, not newborns. I don't know what the answer is, but at least I know what it isn't.

T is going to Alaska tomorrow. 4 days. 4 day in my house, without any kids. Yay, me!


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I am doing a lot of finding out what I don't want these days as well. Sometimes it is actually very helpful in the long run...shedding ideas about what sounds good and can leave one with a much better idea about what actually works in ones life so one can make better decisions later.

I realized I didn't want to teach in schools a mere one school-year after I finally earned my LIFETIME credential. Yay for me.

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I definitely have a fear of commitment as far as schooling goes. But I do think that I'm going to try to take an intro to accounting class.

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