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i enrolled my dd 9 in a two week theater camp, this is the first year that she is old enough to attend and she had wanted to go for years. they are doing a play called wicked wicked a spin of the wizard od oz. her first day was today and she came home in tears 21 kids in the camp and only 14 parts in the play and she didn't get one she is in the chorus that sings one song at the end of the play wtf. this is a ymca camp, many hours of this camp is devoted to practise and what is my kid going to be doing/ i'm pissed, she's pissed and i have to work at 9 am tommorow. i'm going in to talk to the co-inator tommorow but dd dosen't want to have her mad at her but is devistated she has been in tears all night, this is not what summer camp is supposed to be about.
i plan on asking her why and what was her criteria for choosing, most of the kids are older then her and she seems to think that they overenrolled the camp, but she had been signed up for over a month, there is a little voice in the back of my head that say's that it's because she is in a subsidized spot and that just makes me boil, but i don't think that the councellors have this information.
so am i just being a freaky overprotective mom or does this sound unfair/ and suggestions on what i should do/

and last, yes my shift key is broken.


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to you Maplesugar, and to mini-Maplesugar too.. This sucks, I'd definately talk to someone about it, but I have no advice having never dealt with this before... I'll be watching this thread though, I'm sure those days are coming.
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thought was to tell her to suck it up that you don't always get the part that you want and didn't want ther to quit because she didn't get her own way then mama bear mode kicked in and i was like screw this shit this isn't the real work she is 9 and she's going to camp and it's supposed to be fun and everyone is supposed to be involved and have a somewhat equal part, i know that not every one can have the lead but hell.
sorry i'm still mad, i sure hope for the sake of the 16 yr old co-ordinator that i've calmed down somewhat by morning

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My thought is they need to restructure the casting/parts so that everyone gets a part. We've done several plays with ds's school, and it's not that hard to break up some of the smaller roles so everyone's included. I'd call whoever's in charge of the camp. In the meantime, can she be involved in some other aspect, like stage design, costume, etc.?

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Although i do beleive every child needs to learn you don't always get what you want this seems wrong to me. If it is theater camp every kid should get to be in the play.that's why they went to theater camp. If she was at basketball camp you can bet your sweet arse she'd be playing basketball ya know? I agree that most likely they way overbooked the camp, they need to do another play or improvise on that one. I mean it's like when your little toddler starts t-ball everybody gets to play. I realize your daughter is older but same thing she went to that camp because she wants to act and she should get to. Maybe they could do 2 plays? I would definitly call them.

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I always have that feeling too that if my kids are attending (anything) on a subsidy they are going to be treated "less than." I think that it's a valid feeling in today's world and it's better to be en guard and aware of this possibility than to just assume everything is "equal"... I would call the camp and tell them that one of the only reasons you enrolled was for the acting part of camp and that they better invent a part for your dd because she is feeling very left our. I hate the idea that at a summer camp they would assign 14 kids to parts and the others have to work on the set (I presume) Obviously you want to act to go to a camp like this and they really should have a part for all the kids. What do the other kids parents think? I can understand that you don't always get picked... but if it's summer camp and you're paying for it (subsidy or not) they have to be fair to all the kids!! Good Luck. Let your dd know that they will respect her more for saying how you feel and being honest, that it is your responsibility as a mama to advocate for her best interests. I think that will help ease her mind a bit, if not - don't even tell her that you are having this talk. Let us know what happens!