6th of feb

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1. Little Dude survived his 1st night without me -- he had a real doggy & his stuffed one to sleep with him & that made it all ok

2. it seems our real dogs have not been "charged" with the sheep killing crime (all the facts point to something wild as the culprit)

3. knitting projects & the time to do NOTHING but sit here & knit & watch movies -- joy

4. finally buying minnows and aquatic plants for our froggie

5. a Harry Potter Lego castle set on clearance at W@lM@rt I was able to buy yesterday for Little Dude - he was so excited

6. turkey sausage

7. that when left to make his own lunch Little Dude put kale with his pasta ; )

8. ...letting go

9. a new gardening project

10. "...there must be strength in loneliness,lessons to be learned..."

11. the ability to be a hermit, no need to get dressed and go out to the world, to interact with more than necessary, no one to have to call or deal with - the ability to just be no one and nothingness, no obligations to anything at all



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Submitted by maggles on

Seems like you've gone from daily or more posting to not being seen in a couple
weeks! You okay???

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thanks -- see your inbox

 "Do not speak--unless it improves on silence." ~ buddhist saying (wow - my email on file was so old - it was from the old hipmama email!)