a 2-fer

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I seem to have forgotten to write a list yesterday.....

1. grateful daughter came back yesterday so we could so SOME packing, not what i had in mind but enough

2. grateful for easy foodstuffs in the freezer for us to eat in the midst of it all

3. grateful for all the Christmas presents for Little Dude &I

4. grateful for long work days for my Mr so I had extra packing time & was able to come here instead of spending another night alone

5. grateful for such a wonderful yarn stash that I can make his gift w/o needing to buy anything

6. grateful for his little Christmas tree - fake though it is, it is helping me immensely to sit by it at night & knit while he has work

7. grateful for somewhere to move into

8. grateful for clothes, shoes, blankets & pillows & more

9. grateful for a thermos of hot tea all day long

10. grateful for a simmering pot of fruit peels to help put moisture in the air so i don't get all dried out living with a heater

11. grateful for being let to sleep in

12. grateful for the Love I am given & surrounded by

13. grateful for a great sleep last night after not such a good one night before when i was alone

14. grateful for Miracles

15. grateful for my children

16. grateful for my health

17. grateful for my Faith & Hope

18. grateful for technology to keep me connected

19. grateful for early Christmas gift of a new house phone from Eldest Daughter

20. grateful she is there finishing the packing