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"How The Name BAD BEAVER Came To Be"

We have bad beavers. Not only bad—we have mason beavers. When Tom and I first purchased our land in Ellsworth, Maine, a beaver dam was partially flooding the big main field that had once been a cattle pasture in the early 1900s. The field where we wanted to build our house. Now the east side of the field was under about two feet of water, complete with beautiful Blue Flag Irises. Tom said straight away that this was not acceptable; the beavers would have to go.

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Excerpt from Lady's Hands, Lion's Heart, A Midwife's Saga ~ #45

The Warner Fall Foliage Festival Parade
In the late fall of 1983, Susie has the great idea that we should enter
a float in the competition in the Warner Fall Foliage Festival parade.
She has somehow finagled the Kearsarge Reel Company to donate
one of their long flatbed trailers to us for the event. The theme for
our float is The Wizard of Oz, and a bunch of us, apprentices and our
families, spend days transforming the flatbed into Oz. I want it to
be called The Sorceresses of OS, but that doesn’t fly.


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