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Maybe I was naive

to think we could jump into a open-adoption-type scenario.

We had a mediation, they surrendered their rights to us. We all agreed to one more visit. They get a ride to our county for the visits--so dh and I spoke to several people there to verify that yes, they would definitely get one more ride out to see us. After that we'd be in touch (having exchanged cell #s and a safe address) and play it by ear.

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Baby Z update

He's not so much a baby anymore, going to be 2 in a month. (How does that always happen so fast?) There's so much to say, it would really take me all day to type it out so I am going to try my best to be succinct.
Backstory for those that don't know/remember:
We became licensed foster parents in order to adopt.
Got baby E placed with us rather quickly. He was abandoned at the hospital, dad unknown, mom homeless & addicted, no other family to speak of (aside from his other siblings whom have all been adopted and I am in touch with)

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Not a thing a day but a lot of things nonetheless

I've been inspired by thing-a-day but can't quite keep up. Am very happy with the things I've been doing and thought I'd share some...
Well first of all for any that remember the tattoo that huck designed for me, she did it when I had 3 kids. I had to get little Z added on. If he was at the end of the toy line he'd be way in my armpit ;) Also, he's not adopted and his fate is still kind of up in the air, but he's still my baby, so I wanted him a little different.
Voila! My little whirlwind. This is when it was brandy-new, it's not so red now!

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The top ten

1. Getting the fire re-started with no match usage
2. Finding a few sticks for kindling (quickly and easily) instead of trying to use the axe to chop pieces off of a log (which I hate to do and shouldn't without a full cup of coffee in me at least)
3. Vivid dreams
4. Pink striped sky sunrises that rapidly change to orangey-yellow stripes
5. Can't find the dog downstairs means she snuck up to sleep with dd again. Dh doesn't like this but I think it is cute.

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Well I made it to the salon

I forgot how much more...lady-like, for lack of a better word...I feel when I have two distinct eyebrows. And my hair feels very soft...though my sister (my beautician) cannot stand that I won't let her cover up my grays!
Now to schedule that chiropractor appointment...but I don't think I'll get that in before Xmas. Baby steps...

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Inspired to come out of lurkdom

In case anybody remembers/wonders about me and mine...
Dd is 9 years old and still a mini-me to my secret delight. She just finished a glass fusing workshop at the art museum and made an ornament for Santa there.
Ds #1 is 7.5 and a great cartoonist. He stopped kissing me cold turkey but is still a great snuggler.
Ds #2 is 3.5 and is loving preschool. Sings the Lion King soundtrack at the top of his lungs and cracks me up.

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There was actually not a filthy thing about her

That's right, I met Madame Filth last night (and baby Filth who wondered how I knew her name)...as they drove a bit across the state to my film screening.
Thanks MF. I'm a little disappointed in the sucky turnout but I'm glad to have finally seen the movie and to have been able to share it with at least the ones that did come and really wanted to see it.
Also, you're the one that told me about the movie in the first place, so thanks again.


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