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my Crazy Dog Lady neighbor is baaaaack!

and she was in my yard today. sigh... this time i filed a police report. if you don't know the back story, i wrote about it in a past life, under a past name.

here's today, from a log i made in my computer to remember, in case i need it later:
August 22, 2006 11:15 am

Herman [dog]is outside. I am in the hall getting undressed for a shower, when I see Crazy Dog Lady in my back yard, right outside the gate, through my back door. She is crouched down, I can’t see what she is doing. Pantsless, I walk to the back door. She gets up and quickly walks away. It's a big, sliding glass door, and again I am sans pants. I let Herman in and check him once over to see if anything is wrong with him. (he did not bark.) Nothing seems wrong, I look out and see nothing amiss from the back door in the area where Crazy Dog Lady was. I take my shower and prepare to go to [friend’s]. After showering and rocking out to some Bad Brains, I walk outside to check more closely the area by the gate. Still nothing amiss. I walk around the house to get [dd]. I notice that the other gate on the other side of the house is open. Slowly I remember all the times in the past year that I came home from work and found my gates open, and had no explanation for it. I just assumed that [dh] had left them open. Until, he started asking me why I open the gates. Even more slowly I realize that my Volvo, which I usually park in front of the house, is unusually gone today because [dh] had to take it to work. I figure that Crazy Dog Lady must have assumed because the car was gone, no tv or music was playing at the time, that no one was home, and entered the property today, and probably is the person who has been trespassing all along. I call the police and file a report. I forget to mention her threats of “fighting� in our last run-in to the police. I may call to amend the report, or not. Don’t know how important a detail that is, since it happened almost a year ago, and not likely to be related to the trespassing.

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yo ho ho... my weekend

i meant to take more pictures at the beach this summer, but as it turns out i got only two.

here dd is, at the local clearwater festival, which we only went to because the smithereens were playing, and we shoulda went to the punk fest on the beach. reagan youth played, but i didn't have a sitter. she's been wearing the goggles she got at the dentist as her "prize" for a week. poor thing doesn't know they're crap.

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Sati, Crockmama, anyone who can advice on piercings and/or antibiotics

i posted a few weeks ago, that my nostril ring came out, and i had to get it put back in, and taht i was on antibiotics three times now for this thing.

well, it's red and swollen again. my nose got sunburned, so my whole nose is red, but it's extra red and swollen around the ring. i decided it's coming out. it may heal and be fine, like the piercing studio says, but i'm tired of not being able to wear makeup on my nose, use the cleanser i normally use etc. plus, i just didn't sign on for having a red, ugly nose for 9 months.

i want to minimize the scarring as much as possinle. the advice i seek is the best way to go about this. should i, to prevent the piercing healing around an infection taht will be a lump in my nose, go on antibiotics again? should i wait till the redness and swelling go down, either from antibiotics or just waiting, and then take it out? should i have the piercer take it out? it's one of those "screw" types, bent on the inside, that's hard to negotiate myself.

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My summer gratitutes, lots of time on my hands

1. Well… I’m getting more time with the dd. Of all the times becoming unemployed could have happened, August ain’t bad. I got the Clearwater Festival tomorrow, I’ll be hanging around my sister and two of her kids at the beach.

2. I haven’t regretting walking out on that job one bit, even after a week.

3. I got the Idea from my babysitter, who does this: I have experience doing book keeping. I can do that for a living, and I need not be someone’s employee. I can get a laptop and the software, and work when I want. I can even vary my schedule around my teaching. I can make back that investment in three weeks, and that’s not being optimistic at all. Plus, I can write to you all more.

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Kurt Vonnegut's Apocalypse

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those of you who are members of Ms probably got this email, asking you to sign this petition publicly declaring that we've had abortions and we are opposed to the current trend to restricting women's options.

would you sign it? did you? it asks for your name and address. woudl you worry about wackjobs sniping you or putting a bomb in your car?

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Judge orders stop to warrantless phone wiretapping

(08-17) 11:46 PDT DETROIT -- A federal judge ordered a halt today to the Bush administration's warrantless wiretapping of calls between Americans and alleged foreign terrorists, saying the program violates the Constitution as well as a law requiring judicial approval for all electronic surveillance.

"There are no hereditary kings in America and no powers not created by the Constitution,'' said U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in rejecting President Bush's claim that he had the inherent power to authorize the program.

She ruled in a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of lawyers, scholars, journalists and political advocacy organizations who claim their communications with clients and sources were likely to be intercepted.

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the father is "shut out" and acting like another child.

i am taking kelly hogaboom's motherfuckin suggestion because i think a lot of you can relate to this. my dh divorced himself from the parenting process years ago. it's come up again and again over the last 8 years and he works on it, but it always resurfaces.

over the last couple of months it got pretty bad, and i would tell him during our weekly airing of grievances that he makes me feel like his mother in lots of ways, but most notably in the fact that he bickers and fights with dd as if he is an 8 year old himself, and i have to intervene. the examples i think would bore you, but it's basically taht when she is doing an assholish thing, he out-assholes her in the same type of think. she kicks the back of his car seat accidentally, he tells her like an authoritarian douche that she better not do it again, so of course she does, so he reclines the seat into her face and lap so that she's squished, so she kicks it again, so he grabs her foot and won't let go, twisting her ankle.

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Support Lt. Watada/National Day of Education

BPF Action Alert

Support Lt. Watada/National Day of Education
On August 17th, U.S. Army First Lieutenant Ehren K. Watada, the first commissioned officer to publicly refuse to deploy to Iraq, will appear before a military court, for the first hearing of a case that raises core Constitutional issues about the legality of the Iraq war, freedom of speech, and the limits of presidential power.

Lt. Watada recently spoke at the Veterans for Peace conference, where he said to attendees, "You are all true American patriots. Although long since out of uniform, you continue to fight for the very same principles you once swore to uphold and defend. No one knows the devastation and suffering of war more than veterans - which is why we should always be the first to prevent it."


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