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not yoga mamas, really, but kinda yoga related

i think i may have a gig with teaching SAHM's in one of their houses. it could be a very nice thing for all of us, and hopefully i could expand it so i can make enough money to not have to go sit in someone's office for money anymore. actually, i'm pretty much done with that. picture Kramer in that episode when they go to california: "up here--- i'm already there." i work for myself now. nevermind the fact that i am not actually doing any work and no one's paying me yet. that's getting all hung up on the details. anyway,

anyone ever do this, or anything like it? private or semi-private classes in a home, either yoga or massage or reiki or what the fuck ever? i know what the going rates are for studio classes, and private classes are more. but a class of a handful of people in a home, would you charge more or less? i don't know...

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madrid fashion week... that story about the waifs

you all probably heard of this by now, the fashion week for Madrid is getting started soon and organizers are banning the "super thin" models.


can this be true???

now, bear in mind that the guideline that they're using in madrid is a Body Mass Index of 18 or less are banned. so the women who are there modeling are still very, very, very thin.calculate your BMI here

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ridiculous 9/11 movies

Dear MoveOn member,

In a little over 48 hours, ABC will air a five-hour "docudrama" on the 9/11 attacks. The movie was written and produced by a right-wing activist who fabricated key scenes to blame Democrats and defend Republicans.1 It's so partisan that even Rush Limbaugh was surprised ABC decided to air it.2 And an FBI agent who was brought in to consult on the docudrama quit because, he said, "they were making things up."3

Public outrage is mounting across the country, and Variety reports that ABC is now "mulling the idea of yanking the mini altogether."4 But we only have a little time to act. We'll start delivering this petition to ABC headquarters tomorrow at noon and continue as more signatures come in. So we're looking for 200,000 signatures TODAY.

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Goodbye cruel world!

psych! just kidding. not going anywhere, no leaving, no break. like i said a week or so ago, my hard drive got fried. (aka, dh fixed my computer. now i have a big gray box in my living room with a fancy "hp" on it that beeps sometimes.) i come to the library to look for a job, and sift through all the PM's i've been getting, read news and so on. and... judging by the fact taht i'm still getting those PM's i gather that the lather hipmama was worked up in is still foamy... [shaking head]

i haven't read any of the replies to my last blog, nor any of the tizzy that's been described as me getting raked over coals or nailed... i don't see the point. i'm pretty sure i know what they say without reading. i've been told that a string of PM's has been copied and pasted on the public board. [shaking head] i guess we all need entertainment in one form or another.

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i have a few more minutes on the computer

here at the library and i haven't read blogs yet, but i've been informed that i'm getting nailed. a year ago i might have felt upset and/or hurt but i've been here long enough to know that this sort of thing happens, and while some of you (thank you to the well-wishers who PM'd me, btw) are bothered by this childishness, i have come to realize that people in groups behave pretty much the same everywhere, and hipmama is no sanctuary from human behavior. all it takes is to piss someone off on the wrong day, or the wrong person, there can be a firestorm. even if everyone who thought of a thing to say said it, and forgot about it, that can be like 30 people, creating the illusion of a firestorm where there might not have been one. i don't know if there's a remedy for it, but i do know a few things:

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hipdad and others, who belongs here?

i'm just making a quick note here, not to make more of this than it is. but i wanted to just clarify my comments on hipdad's blogs about a father posting here, without appearing to take away from the sincerity of his pleas for information and support. of course, i hope all goes well for evy.

and not to make hipdad feel like he's stirring up shit either. the issue of who belongs here has come up before in a few ways. sometimes, the SO of a mama here will come on and comment because he felt as though he were being maligned or something. another one that comes to mind is the few times guys sign on to enlighten us on our pitiful lack of hipness, and the irony therein, given the name of the site. then there were two FTM TG's. they were unanimously welcomed. but like placenta says, (and i will lend my "hell the fuck yeah" here to her comment) a lot of us have immense difficulies in our lives because we're mamas. mothers. not "parents," but female parents, in a world where the system is stacked against us. we need a place where we come here and vent, complain, ask for advice on precisely this issue. we shit talk the fathers and male judges without apology, as it should be. the foundation of a safe place to do shit like this means that there will be some degree of exclusion. we need to exclude anyone who would, show the potential to, or even be perceived to have the potential to, by the woman poster who hasn't posted yet, question our rights as mothers, who would find fault with our vents or requests for advice and support. the point is, when there is the appearance of including everyone, that's going to deter some posters. mothers. who the site was designed for.

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I had an abortion

i signed that petition, organized by the Ms/Feminist Majortity Foundation. i was concerned about what information about me would be on the petition.

well, i signed and i was called today by Ms and asked. they said only your name is there. they ask for all that information, including your phone number, because they call you and ask you to confirm your consent to have your name on the list. there are no other pieces of information, not your town or state. just your name.

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Crazy Dog Lady, I Love You

**since hipmama was down i was left with no outlet. i had to write an imaginary letter and post it on myspace as a blog, like some kind of cave woman. i decided Crazy Dog Lady will be a character in a story ten times as interesting as she is. but in the mean time, here's the letter.**

Crazy Dog Lady, I want to thank you. I want to thank you for providing me with so much entertainment over the last few years. I love it. Not just the entertainment, but all the attention.

I love you. And not in a Jesus, love-thy-neighbor-turn-the-other-cheek way, but I actually love you. You for you, Crazy Dog Lady. I love just who you are. I love you more than Jamesons and you don't know me, from me to you, that’s a lot. I love the lengths you go to just to piss me off. Moi. I love that you're willing to wake the neighbors to do it, to break laws and get caught, waste cops' time (some don't like that), to be seen and heard just hating me with so much vigor and lust. With a great hatred, you hate me.

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what i was doing when i should have been chitchatting with you all

i know, i'm so lazy. i shoulda been here, blogging about tom cruise, but i was at my friend's studio for a art festival/flea market dealy.

it was nice, the chick who tried to teach me to crochet, bless her heart, was there selling her shit. there were belly dancers and a capoiera demonstration. that was amazing. technically a martial art, the demonstration was kind of like a flashy gymnastics show set to music. i'd never seen this before and we all really liked it.

then, after much deliberation, dd decided to let this artist paint this tattoo


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