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Ok, please honestly tell me what you would do in my situation

and, read when you have lots of time, because this is long.

And be as candid as you please. If you think I’m being too paranoid, or not paranoid enough, say so. I want as many opinions as possible. No one has a wrong answer.

Here’s the story. Tuesday afternoon, a letter is sent home with my second grade, 8 year old daughter. It says:

On Monday evening, October 9 the local police informed the school district that an employee of [privately owned, under contract to the school district, company that runs the summer and after school programs in every school in the district, henceforth to be called “company�] has been arrested and charged with sexual assault on a child. “the assault did not involve the individual’s employment in the [my town] school disctirct and the individual is being held in the [my county] jail.

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well, not.your.mamas.mama, we can look up a history on the balls thing. how did that term come to mean guts, fortitude, endurance, integrity? i would like to know. particularly when i think of those things as very female.

so, i will propose one thing that could help explain it, although i doubt that it predates using this slang.

i will propose that in freud's time, women were believed to be psychologically fragile, morally corruptable, weak. this is much easier to think when edcation and professional opportunities that expand the mind are withheld.

anyone with other theories, particularly predating freud and the horrible treatment they got in asylums, and the frequency at which they were commited to asylums, would be very interesting.

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sometimes, mama gets fired up

so today at soccer, right, in a town that has a 7 day a week soccer program open to all kids of all ages, where they employ the spiffiest trainers from england to train the kids, my daughter learned a lesson in getting the shaft.

my daughter's team showed up to play on the field they always play on every saturday, only to be bumped by a boy's team. they moved her girls' team to a PRESCHOOL field.

someone scheduled more games than fields. the boys were making up a game that got rained out, and the girls who play on that field every saturday, got kicked off and sent to a humiliatingly small field, with ridiculously small goals. her coach argued but eventually just lost. i was just shrugging it off till i heard the guy in charge say,

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You know what really grinds my gears?

Kelly H’s blog about five things we like, dislike, regret, etc, got me thinking. The list of things I hate is so much longer than the list of things I like and that says [fill in the blank] about my character/psyche/mental fitness. I mean, I had to really think to come up with five things I like, but every day I’m encountering things I just judge the hell out of and hate hate hate. From the way people drive, to the way people operate their shopping carts, (which, by the way, is a direct reflection on how people drive. It’s true, I tested it. Scientifically. The asshole who stops to sort through coupons in the middle of the end of an aisle, so as to maximize the amount of people who will have wait for her to move her ass…. I digress)

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kitty please come home!

i need the hipmamas to work their magic here, our kitty cat, whom we love so much, has been out since thursday night. he's been out before, sometimes a few nights, but this seems a little long. and dd last night couldn't get to sleep, she broke my heart lying there crying so fiercely.
"i just have a bad bad feeling this time like he will NEVER come home...." she couldn't get to sleep for hours, cried the whole time....

i have one crazy neighbor who's the type to take him in and not tell me. i took dd to her house yesterday to ask her point blank (this lady's a little weird, she's the one i blogged about, not Crazy Dog Lady, but friends with Crazy Dog Lady, the self-described redneck who yelled at me while i was talking to my next door neighbor, listening to him tell me how his wife died and not knowing what to do with his garden without her... she's told be before that she took in my dog, which can't be true, but if she says she'd do it with the dog, it's possible she'd actually do it with the cat)

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the atmosphere here at the library

still no computer. i come here daily now. some days i sit here with teenagers farting at each other, today a mother and toddler are walking through the romance novels while the kid's pointing at book after book going, "HINEY! look, another HINEY!" (and yet, i can't look up puberty on the internet, because the sites are blocked by their parental software. thanks for the protection!)

anyway, i'm here, i'm queer. i just can't post much cuz the computer times out on me. i don't have time to read everyone's blogs. it's really cramping my style. every day at home, i think of a thing to ask you all, or tell you all, and i can't. of course by the time i get here the next day, i've forgotten it because i'm a fucking scatterbrain.

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B.O. at age eight?

can this be? my daughter seems to have B.O. i don't remember even noticing any odor in my pits till i was menstruating, like at 14. i'm pitifully ignorant. is BO a first sign of puberty? i thought it was one of the last. i mean, it could have been me i was smelling, or maybe she rubbed up against her daddy or something, but on two separate days, separated by a bath, i disctinctly smelled BO. and the second time i just got right in there and sniffed at her pit.

she also spends a good deal of time rubbing and scratching her boobies. she says they itch.

anyone know the dealy with BO and puberty?


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