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Why Air America Matters

Why Air America Matters
by Thom Hartmann

There are times when doing the profitable thing is also doing the right thing.
That's certainly what Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch thought when they lost an average of $90 million a year for about five years before the Fox News Channel became profitable. It's what Reverend Moon believes, as his Washington Times newspaper lost hundreds of millions of dollars and, according to some reports, even today continues to lose money. And its what the people who have made Air America Radio possible - names you probably wouldn't recognize because they've invested millions of their own money but don't seek the limelight - believe.

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got another call today

a woman saw my cat while she was out running. i was just on my way out the door to pick up dd from her very first slumber party when i got the call. she told me exactly where he was, so i could go look. i had to get dd by a particular time so i sent dh to the spot where she said the cat was. since kitty hates dh, his job is to locate the kitty and keep an eye on him till i get there because he'll only come to me. he doesn't even really go to dd, although i would never say that out loud. not in front of her, anyway. so i got dd from the home of the party and brought her there too. dd was tired, as could naturally be expected, when she was just up all night giggling and having dance contests. so she was no help. he was in a tiny stretch of woods, not really woods really but dense overgrowth of briar bushes. very dense. on one side is the soccer fields, the other, houses. i go to the street opposite the "woods" and start calling him thinking he will run away from dh and toward me calling. a couple of people stopped and asked me what i was looking for and told me where they'd seen cats, they told me that i could go in this back yard and that, the people would understand. long story short, i spent an hour down there. he kept running away from dh, i had to go into all those bushes with thorns and scratch up my face, only to find that it wasn't him.

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you all are so sweet checking up on me.

i held out till morning, so that i could go to a clinic, only to find that i probably wouldn't be seen at the clinic, since "we don't do walk ins anymore." and technically i was a walk in, even though the nurse told me to come in and see her at 9. so i had the options of, waiting in the wiating room at the clinic, in hopes that someone doesn't show, go to the ER and waste my time there because they'd probably just tell me to see my regular doctor, or to go to my regular doctor, who costs a lot but i fugured she would be better at determining what's wrong. so i went to see her.

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help. i lost my merck manual

i think i have a bladder infection/uti. i don't get them, so i don't know what to do, or how to tell.

here's what i have. a having to pee sensation, no pee. even after drinking a bunch of water, no pee. it hurts, but less wehn i move around. this just started a couple hours ago. i tried to pee, couldn't. then later, i thought i was gonna fart, shit myself.

lets see, what else... don't feel feverish.

i have no health insurance. i can't go to a doctor. the last medical care i got was in a clinic, which will be open tomorrow, but i'd ratehr avoid the expense, to be honest.

what is this and what should i do? it crossed my mind that i could have something obstructing my urine flow. should i drink more? less?

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ok, that child rapist thing again


i waited since 10/10 for a letter or something, anything at all from the board. nothing. i was talking to my mom and told her how the local paper ran one story, which is great, but it's one story and nobody's on top of it.

i am going to take placenta's advice. i am going to write an open letter to the superintendent and post it on a yahoo group. please help me though, because i am not good at this sort of thing. actually, for all i know i am good, i've just never done it. and if i am dealing with people with lawyers, who will want to discredit me, i gotta put a good face on myself and my intent.

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keep vibing toward NJ for a reunion


kitty still hasn't come home. took dd to the shelter yesterday, he hasn't been turned in there. which is good, he won't be euthanized. we just have to keep going back every seven days to check. this time dd came so she can see some other kitties, and maybe open her mind just a hair to the possibility of getting a new kitty. i want one, but i have to wait till she's ready. she loved the cats there but asked, if we take one home, will we still love Paws? yes, we will. if he comes home, will we be happy? of course. will you let him live with us, even if another cat is there? of course, this is Paws' home. we made some more posters, this time with a picture. this picture. explaining that although he may have been around a lot, he still has a little girl who loves him and misses him.


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