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Menarche celebration

we've talked about this here before, but i'm bringing it up again. i saw on the tv news taht there is a new study out by the american academy of pediatrics that encourages parents to pay attention to the menses of their daughters. when it starts, what regularity it has, how long it lasts, etc. it also claims that contrary to popular belief, menarche is not occurring in american girls younger and younger... i don't know about this. i tried to read the article at the AAP web site, but you need a subscription to read it so i can't.

when i started my menses, it was at school. i came home, soaked my underpants in the slop sink in teh laundry room, my mom came up behind me, patted me on the back and walked away. that was it for my menarche celebration. i was raised in a house where menstruation was believed to be a pain in the ass at best, and a curse most of the time. i didn't have the heart to admit that i enjoyed it.

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Abortion Patient Records in the hands of Bill O'Reilly.... ?

have we seen this?

bill o'reilly says he has "sources on the inside" which say that a certain abortion provider performs late term abortions.

you may remember this legal fight by the attorney general of Kansas to obtain medical records of patients ostensibily and bullshittedly to look for evidence of rape. that claim was completely discredited though, long before the records were handed over.

what do we need to do now, provide a shuttle service for pregnant women to get to a state where they

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it's stand up for yourself day

in the candy household.

1. the shitass couples' therapist who we're seeing becaus dh abused me, and who put me on notice at last session that we're going to have to dedicate what could be a "long time" to dh's needs and feelings and i need to be okay with that, and she's warning me "because i know you get upset easily." yeah, she bought it today. via voice mail, but it still counts. shoulda bought it when she came out with that nugget, but one must not spank oneself, baby steps.

2. the doctor who diagnosed me with a simple UTI when it was deeper than that, who also did not call me with my lab results, who ignored my calls that i was not feeling better, and then refused to release my medical records.... she got it today too.

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i thought of starting this thread last night as i suffered through "domino." not that it's the worst movie ever.... well, it may be... but anyway.. i am curious what movies you thought were just awful. too bad for words, like saying how bad it is makes it more interesting and not in a plan 9 kind of way, but a battlefield earth kind of way.

domino... i turned it off. i never do that. no matter how bad a movie i almost always watch the whole thing, i feel like it's impolite or something, i don't know. but this movie was just awful beyond words. the anorexic kiera knightly is a bounty hunter. yes, a bounty hunter. with no training in the field. on her first job, she raids a house full of drug dealers with weapons. she asks where ___ (a name i can't remember, it was that interesting) is. they won't say, so she offers them a lap dance if they tell her. they accept. the anorexic kiera knightly strips down to her trendy lingerie, with the boy cut and everything, and the camera stays tight on her ass as she grinds this armed drug dealer's pants.

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this will have to suffice as a halloween picture:

thanks to Ole Dirty Bastard's disturbing comment, i've rethunk posting pictures, so this'll have to do. here's my best description.

dd had a different answer every day when you asked her what she wanted to go as on halloween. witch, robot, vampire, i can't even remember the rest. sometimes her story would change a few times in the same day. so finally when she said robot last week, dh thought that would be an easy one to make. get a large box, cover it with foil, teach dd to say "trick or treat" in a robotty way, and viola!

but then dh waited till sunday to make the costume so..... it didn't happen. i took her to a costume shop, where we paid an obscene amount of money for a long black dress with lace sleeves and shoulders, strips of lace hanging at the waist, and a black veil. she wore her torn up fishnets with it, big clunky shoes, and pink strips in her hair. when asked what she was this year i replied, "i dunno... most of my friends?"

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DC area mamas

in case you're interested in something like this:

AGAINST THE STREAM: The Path of the Spiritual Revolutionary ~ Noah Levine
November 4, 10:00 am-4:00 pm
A day of sitting and walking meditation in the service of inner and outer
rebellion. Explore the Buddhist path of awakening as the ultimate form of
anti-establishment action, serving both personal and social transformation.
Location: Washington, DC area
Registration will be open July 15 - November 3rd.
Contact: Leah Harris

or 202.236.7747
Click here for flier and registration information


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