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so i get dd this documentary (contains spoiler)

i got this documentary, because it was rainy yesterday and we were going to be inside all day anyway. "Grizzly Man" it's called. i didn't really look at the box, i just saw that there was this guy who lived in alaska among the grizzlies and took a lot of footage. so, i figure she'll love it. who doesn't love bears? no one, that's who.

but, as it turns out, this movie isn't so much about the bears as it is about this man. he went to this remote part of alaska every summer, he had to get dropped of by plane, every summer. he'd get picked up by the same pilot every october. he was totally isolated and alone, no human contact. and he was..... a nut. "NO!" you say. yes, i say.

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saying it out loud

so, i go to a restaurant with my 8 year old and dh last night for an early dinner. this place is small and intimate, i've been going there for longer than i've had this child. it's kind of known for being hip, cheap and serving quality vegetarian and non vegetarian foods. since the place is small, i kept dd out of there when she was a baby through seven years old. but it's one of our favorite places.

but now she's big enough and we go there when she's been very good and let her get her own little pot of gourmet tea with honey. we go early because taht's when people are there with kids. babies mostly, some cry, but it's the kind of place that likes children. and yesterday dd worked really, really hard on a school project about the Ute tribe, needing lots of encouragement. i was really proud of her. over our bread and tea i explain to dh the trouble with dd and her project, how she didn't think she could do it, but she did and she's so big and brave now, and actually had fun when she got into the groove.

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book crossing, have you heard of it?

i was at the park with my daughter today, when i noticed that the book on the bench sat untouched for over an hour, and didn't seem to belong to anyone there. i got curious, and went up to it to find a note on it that said "FREE BOOK!" so, i open it up. taped to the inside cover is a form from the web site, .

it's got a registration number, and another note saying that if i want to read the book, i should go to the site, mark it as found, and release it again when i'm finished. and so on. when you look up the book you found on the web site, you can see where its been read in its lifetime. conversely, when you release a book into the wild, you can track where its being read.

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Dr. Keith Ablow, TV psychiatrist identifies an new, woman's "illness"

have you seen this guy's show? he's on fox. i'm watching it now. he has a show on about "the anger illness" which affects women across the country. he has mothers on, complete with video of them in their homes yelling at their children. it's ostensibly to bring to light this illness that affects women. yes, only women, that causes them to act out against their kids. you've seen dr phil, so you know the drill, you can picture the video.

when he sits with these women, he takes a history, and assesses their other symptoms. he's looking for depression in all of them. he asks about sleeping and eating, anxiety, the typical shit for major depression. he interviews the kids, he assesses their reaction to their mother's "disease" and issues an ominous warning that these children will grow up to be like them, if they don't treat their illness.

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Nancy Pelosi speech 12 noon ET/9 am PT

she's going to be on tv.

the only fly in my ointment today is that dd kept me awake, sick. she's been throwing up and claiming not to be sick, alternately. she's apparently disappointed about missing her math test. had to take a nap after calling the school and running out for crackers and seltzer, i wonder if montana's decided yet...

anyway, because she is sick, dd will watch the speech of the first woman speaker of the house. YAY! i told her about it, she gave me a "yay girls" high five.

of course every party needs a pooper, i'm thinking this is pitifully late in our history for a


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