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November 18, the day after: if this doesn't disturb you, then you disturb me.

i'm emotionally exhausted from yesterday. i was literally haunted in my sleep by the face of brendan watts, the guy who allegedly knocked a hat off a cop and was bleeding profusely from the head when last we saw him. his face had a look i don't ever want to see again. and it got me thinking about scott olsen, who i hear is trying to recuperate in privacy, but still cannot speak. think of it. really, imagine losing the power of speech, and imagine a more fitting metaphor for the oakland paramilitary crackdown.

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November 17 actions underway

** lots of edits to come**

banks in NY closing early for fear of Nov 17 actions

people are being herded away from liberty plaza (this is called "freedom of assmbly," i believe)

cops are stopping and ID'ing people in the street, disallowing any nonresidents from continuing

metal barricades set up around Liberty Plaza, which demonstrators dismantled right in front of cops and went in. barricades were put back up.

cops are banning cameras. does that include their cameras? hmmm...

cops using metal barricades as weapons:

100+ arrests in NY, sure that number will go up. all peaceful demonstrators, no violence whatsoever.
oh wait, i stand corrected on the violence:

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American Censorship Day Nov 16, 2011

if anyone has better links on this issue, please contribute.

today congress will hold hearings discussing internet use, and propose laws that will change internet use as we know it, using the same tactics as china and iran. i'm assuming most of you have heard of this already but since today's the day, i'll send out a little nudge.

by the way, the reforms are expected to pass. and yes, our own use of could end as we know it.

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November 17 day of action

the two month anniversary of the start of the occupation, november 17 has several protests planned, and more coming.

obviously the one in NY is the biggest, given the teardown of the symbolic center of the worldwide movement. three separate actions taking place. early, wall street. midday, occupy subways, and evening, occupy bridges.

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Occupy Oakland in trouble again, and other occupy bits and pieces.

i'm assuming shadeshaman will contribute information on oakland. as i type, police have once again surrounded the camp, even more this time than the last raid, helicopters overhead since early morning sweeping crowd with searchlights, and some reports of some unrecognized uniforms of some agency hitherto unknown... don't know what that's about. but it's very tense.


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