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Jodi Picoult? have you read her shit?

she wrote "the tenth circle," "my sister's keeper" .... heh... i just made myself giggle typing that phrase... and "the pact."

she will be writing the new wonder woman in a few months. the writer they have now suck-didly-ucks. suck with a capital SUCK. he took away diana's power, had HERCULES come in and clean up her mess, and writes dumb ass dialog for all the woman characters, even the villains. please tell me it gets better. tell me you read her work and it's good. pretty please. i'll be your special friend.

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i love denise brown

i just saw her interview on the today show, and hell yeah. she's not taking shit from anyone, is she?

she wants to know, where is that money that was paid for OJ's story. murdoch and his minions paid it to "a high profile corporation," and she suspects it was funneled to OJ through there. so, she went on tv to let them know "we're going to find you."

she said she was offered money to shut up and because of that she's not shutting up till she gets answers.

she said that she herself sat with judith regan for a story about nicole, and ms regan was only interested in teh tabloid version of nicole's life and ms brown cut it short, because she wasn't going to feed that monster. she also said that judith regan personally told her that she would never do a book with OJ because she is a victim of domestic violence...

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a story about a fabulous child, theft, two assholes and a scooter.

Dd's scooter was stolen yesterday, from our front yard. I had a nice morning working on my flyers for teaching, while dh took her outside to ride her scooter. She and he came in a couple times for wardrobe changes and helmets and shit so she could switch to skateboard, then her bike. Later, we went to play basketball at a park. I've really been riding dh about his involvement with Dd, which isn't bad, but I find it substandard. I find it thus because I am constantly in the position of the parent, while he does fun stuff with her like sculpt her Utes with dick cleavage, buttcracks and boobies.... ok, the boobies was me, but still. (we clothed the Ute figures before turning the project in to school) I know it's a common complaint, but I do not accept it as a reality in family life. It's being an asshole to me, taking advantage of me, taking my fun, and not sharing responsibility when I'm always the one helping with chores, reminding her to pick up her clothes, making the food, etc. I refuse to accept this as my station in life, being the woman in a heterosexual parenthood. Fuck that. (this is all relevant to the scooter, I promise.)dh tried to bump me off the computer like three times while I was working, so he can check his email. Assumption being, of course, that his email is more important than my work. he tried talking to me while I was engrossed in my reading and writing at least a dozen times. Asking me what to give Dd for breakfast, after she asked me for breakfast by default because I always give her breakfast, and I told her to talk to daddy. She did, and he came to me. Also just about this and that. Commenting on what was on tv, OJ, his boss', etc.

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fashion model starves to death

this is so sad

i've been talking to my eight year old more about this disorder. in fact, doctor phil today had on two very severe cases. i let dd watch a bit of it. i liked, although i'm not a doctor phil fan, that they really emphasized the disease viewpoint from this. dd was very moved. i asked her afterward, why do you think they believe that they're fat when they're not? why do you think they feel that it's so important?

she impressed me with her awareness. of course i've talked to her about it before, but you really never know what's sinking in. i also got her american girl books, which touch on eating disorders, and body image issues. she says she noticed all teh models and actors on tv are skinny, and that a lot of girls she knows seem to be trying to copy them.

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has anyone posted the OJ story yet?

he's getting three million dollars for his story.

now, what is it that we should do to ensure that he makes no money from this? he will be sued, his victims' lawyer says he will make damn sure he will get none of that money. but personally, i would feel a whole lot better if something were to accidentally happen to every copy of that book. or, at least every copy that makes it to the shelves of the local stores.


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