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how much do you tip a hair stylist?

i am trying to find a new hair stylist. you may remember this summer i posted about my stylist getting fired from her salon and me getting a letter that shit talked her. well, i went to that salon for years, so the tipping precedent was set. but now that i'm looking for a new one, i have an opportunity to set a new precedent. i think i'd been overtipping.

what do you tip?

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i didn't notice if anyone posted the drunk bush twins story yet

it happened a while ago, around thanksgiving. apparently they're obnoxious drunks. they were asked to leave. not to leave the hotel whose halls they were running naked in, but to LEAVE THE COUNTRY OF ARGENTINA.

funny too, when i went looking for this story, i stupidly searched news stories for it. google "bush twins, argentina, drunk" and you will get stories about one of them suffering a purse snatching. nothing, and i mean nothing, about the children of a head of state being banned from a country.... you have to go to blog sites to find it. when you do, they have links to news stories, but do a "news search" and it doesn't come up. hmmmm.... a thinker.

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My experience as an atheist in a christian culture

I thought of a lot of ways to reply to this, actually, and most of them had to do with the misogyny inherent in theistic religions. By that I mean Christianity, islam and Judaism. (interesting how the autocorrect capitalizes those two out of that three…) since that’s a whole thread unto itself, I’ll stay away from that topic for now. But suffice it to say, I can NOT grasp how any woman in this day and age would subscribe to any of them. I better stop there.

I never thought of myself as anything, religiously. Understanding that atheism is in itself a belief system that some atheists really fervently cling to, I wouldn’t identify as an atheist either because to me that was the most offensive part of religiosity. For clarity, religiosity is very different than practicing one’s religion with faith, even very strong faith. So there was my reluctance to embrace that term. I’m mostly over it.

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this month's new moon magazine

has an interview with a glass artist named sabina boehm. she makes really cool marbles.

why do i get happy looking at these?

another article was by a girl, about herself, who makes accessories, wallets and weird looking ducks out of duct tape.

i love new moon magazine, have i mentioned this lately? everyone with a girl should get her a subscription to this magazine. yay new moon!

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day of a thousand pies

i was asked to take down my thanksgiving blog due to another hipmama's unfortunate diarrhea of the mouth. nothing catfighty here, just some personal information that shouldn't have been put up since hipmama is public and searchable.

so, here it is again:

my thanksgiving, i didn't expect it to be so nice and just... delightful. i slept till 10. dh and dd had begun making pies the night before so there would be pie for breakfast and while i slept they started on more pies. they put on some music for themselves and when i finally came in they were relaxed and happy putting pies together. i had some breakfast, pumpkin pie and coffee, and started cooking. dh ran out to the store for the ingredients he forgot, and dd asked to help. she's big enough now to peel vegetables and chop with supervision. she was so proud to help make thanksgiving dinner, and thrilled to do it. she decided that since we stayed home and we could make our holiday whatever we wanted, that it would be all funny all day. everything you said had to be a joke of some sort and if you couldn't think of a joke, you had to try to fart. "we have to laugh our heads off all day! that's the rule. we'll laugh our heads into space!"


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