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giving thanks, we're all alive and neurotic as ever

so last year herman's vet told us he has cancer. he said he could feel the tumors, let me feel them, talked about how this is a common form of cancer in german shepherds - herman is half shepherd - and we could open him up to test and be sure, but doing so often accelerates the cancer. but it's time to start thinking about how we want to approach the end of his life. how much treatments, how many tests, etc.

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obama mic checked, has to stop speech momentarily to acknowledge OWS protesters

i've heard better audio but don't have links to those. the protesters are saying,
"Mr. President: Over 4,000 peaceful protesters have been arrested while banksters continue to destroy the economy,"protesters proclaimed. "You must stop the assault on our First Amendment rights. Your silence sends a message that police brutality is acceptable. Banks got bailed out. We got sold out."

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Human Rights Watch has a member who is also member of PERF

PERF - mostly funded by dept of homeland security - is the police org that coordinated the conference call with police chiefs and mayors re crackdown on multiple Occupy encampments, including NY and Oakland, but many others as well.

in response to their action against peaceful civilians, CabinCr3w, RevoluSec and DoxCak3 pried into their site and dox'd them. in so doing they found at least one member in common with Human Rights Watch.

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Occupy 11/21/11

just a little for you today.

UC Davis quad, i don't have a headcount. i'm just so disgusted by the response to this, and so disillusioned with the society in which i live. as huge as the response has been, really, it should be bigger. kudos to all the alum and professors who've spoken out about that particular brutality, but on a national stage, i'm thinking people should be responding more.!/joeja/status/138723884282290176/photo/1


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