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is Occupy still relevant, co opted, hot air all along?

Occupy Philadelphia has welcomed the homeless as an integral part of the protest all along. when they were raided, a good number of them simply went elsewhere, but stayed together. they're now under highway 195. they were served with notice once again that they will be raided and they now wonder what they will do, considering that they were never homeless by choice, not there to camp, but people who have no homes to go to. they seem to be asking themselves,and us, what has this all done?

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portland occupy raided before they could finish setting up

so, portland occupy tried to reestablish a camp at south park after the raid from a couple weeks ago. the same day they were raided by cops in riot gear. 20 were arrested, including this 15 year old boy, who is said to have been hit in the face with a baton:

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habeas corpus officially suspended indefinitely today.

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cops clear LA and Philly, injuries and horses

lots of updates to this post as i obtain them.

please remember that in both cases, occupiers are not in a "park" but on city hall property. there are no "park hours" to enforce.

200 arrests in LA and 50 in Philly

here they are in philadelphia, charging people on horseback. i believe, unverified, one person has been hospitalized.

whereas this MSM news footage reports that no one was hurt:

keep checking back for updates to these two raids, and add if you have any. thanks.

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Occupiers in LA served with notice

that enforcement of park hours can begin without further notice.

and don't think you can flip on the news and see what is going on over there. LAist exposes LAPD cherry picking which media outlets will be permitted to see any "occupy activity" in the impending raid. they leaked the email sent out by LAPD to media yesterday:


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