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single mother artist just about to finish her novel - please consider donating a buck or two to facilitate its completion

this comes to me via twitter. i don't know this woman, i just watched the video and hoped she would get what she needed, and it seemed to fit right in line with what we do right here.

i love kickstarter. if you're not familiar with what they do, it's DIY fundraising, essentially. you need not apply for grants or loans from large organizations for your projects, art or otherwise. you can drum up support from real people who will - based on what you're doing - want for you to succeed. people pledge to donate, there is no minimum donation.

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charter schools get grants, even when they outright lie on applications

** i am pasting the text of the NY Times article here, but i encourage you to read it from its source, not just for purposes of giving proper credit, the article also contains useful links for anyone who is interested in this topic. however, i know a lot of people don't bother, so for ease, i'm pasting the text. emphasis mine, comments below.

Rejected 3 Times, School May Still Open Soon, and With a Grant, Too

In the last couple of years, Sharon Akman, a real estate agent, applied to the state of New Jersey three times to open a new charter school in the Highland Park area, to be called Tikun Olam Hebrew Language Charter High School.

Each time, she was rejected.

Then on Oct. 6, one week after the state’s most recent rejection, the United States Education Department announced that it had approved a $600,000 grant to finance Ms. Akman’s proposed charter.

It would have taken federal officials just a few phone calls to determine that there were many good reasons for the state to have rejected Ms. Akman’s applications.

For one thing, they have been full of misrepresentations.

Ms. Akman, who declined to comment for this column, writes that the charter school would be located in St. Mary of Mount Virgin Church in New Brunswick, even though the bishop of the Diocese of Metuchen, Paul G. Bootkoski, has repeatedly said that the building is not available.

Ms. Akman’s documents list community supporters of the school, including Jun Choi, a former mayor of Edison, and the directors of the Zimmerli Art Museum in New Brunswick, who have written in e-mails made public that they are not supporters.

The application says there is a need for a Hebrew charter in the Highland Park-Edison-New Brunswick area, even though there are many Jewish private schools close by and, as Ms. Akman has told state reviewers, no community survey has been done.

The application says that the families served by the New Brunswick schools, which are predominantly black and Hispanic, support the Hebrew charter, even though school leaders and the local N.A.A.C.P. chapter do not.

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my birthday/anniversary/hexmas/new year's present

try not to kill yourself in jealousy

i'm going to get a thor sticker, two thor stickers, so i can cut off the last r and add it to the first thor sticker, stick it on there by the name plate, write to valient thorr with pictures and demand i be comped for their show with COC in march.

totally gonna work.

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Occupy Oakland Vigil Raided, Several Arrested, Video

please go here to see video and read about the latest raid on Occupy Oakland. most arrestees have been taken to Dublin.

read in the report that police took pictures to Occupy, compared them to faces and made arrests.

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Global Revolution, Occupy Wall Street's livestreaming operation, raided, evicted and arrested

Global Revolution, which has been live streaming Occupy Wall Street since the day it started - before even, because i remember tuning in early and seeing tutorials on protest tactics and how to deal with police - has had their Brooklyn studio raided. six people were arrested. the city went to the length of condemning the building, though no one else in the building was evicted.

read about it here:

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it's true what they say

when i had to take off a bunch of weight, it took forfucking ever, but it was essentially easy. among other reasons, i expected to be hungry. i accepted it and ate according to what my brain said i needed to eat, rather than what my gut said it wanted.

thanksgiving, i pretty much ignore my new eating habits and wouldn't ya know... a little of the weight back on. december is a world of shit, in a variety of ways, including never having the time or inclination to fix really good meals, always getting invited to gatherings with fingerfoods and beer/wine/beverages...

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Why Our Food System Needs the Occupy Movement
please read content from its original source ^^

Here in western Massachusetts, we are fortunate to be part of a community brimming with exciting efforts to build a new and better food system. Farms of all kinds are starting up or heading in new directions: offering winter CSA shares, doing on-farm cheese or yogurt production, growing grains and selling them to local bakeries. Non-farm businesses are using more local ingredients in their restaurants or using them to produce value-added foods like salsas, meads, and (in our case) fermented pickles. New retail markets are forming for local/regional foods, such as winter farmers' markets and a new food co-op. Non-profits are doing tremendously valuable work, as well, whether encouraging people to "Be A Local Hero, Buy Locally Grown" or running an incubator kitchen for start-up food businesses.

To someone like myself who sees enormous social value in transitioning to a regionally-based, organic food system, these developments are very encouraging. And, of course, such activity can be found in many other communities around the country (and beyond), not just in western Massachusetts.

In my view, this is an approach to social change that can produce substantial progress. Small farm and food businesses create the building blocks for the new food system. People generate increased market demand by choosing to buy their products. Non-profit organizations help in all sorts of ways. The momentum starts to build as more people come to be exposed to the benefits of a regional, organic food model–as more people get to taste the really good food it puts out, as they see the farms in their communities beginning to thrive. And in time, people can even come to perceive a new food system taking hold (at least at the margins), and imagine the possibility that the corporate, industrial food system could truly be replaced.

But, while this work on a local/regional scale to start building the replacement for the current food system is hugely important (I would not have started a pickle business if I thought otherwise), I don't see a true transformation of the food system happening by this avenue alone. We also need something like...well, the Occupy movement.

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to the leaders of the global financial markets: WE RUN THIS

Anonymous 101: a writer "embeds" with Occupy and Anonymous and gives a decent primer in three parts

so... some criticize but any source will have its shortcomings and if you need to get up to speed on Anonymous, this is a good place to start. it's a three part series (only two parts done so far), it's comprehensive, so you may want to bookmark it and come back to it later for the other two parts.

think 21 century yippies, merry pranksters, this sort of thing, for the digital age. it's good stuff, and they have a lot more in store for us in 2012.


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