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"sinusitis, cancer and other ailments", follow up to another blog

about the ground zero rescuers' lungs aging 10 years in one day.

i was complaining among other things about the rescuers and other survivors not getting their aid to cover medical costs. the federal government required that they sign a waiver absolving the airlines, and if i remember correctly, the federal, state and city governments from any responsibility as a condition of their collecting the money they need to pay for the medical care they have been receiving.

NY's governor signed three laws for them yesterday. these laws would give financial aid to people who are suffering from illnesses yet to be named. they are not not being named because they are mild nuissance "ailments" but because what they suffer from has not yet been seen in history. there is glass in their lungs even now, and they have been exposed to unknown toxic chemicals. the way this article writes it, they suffer from sinusitis and other ailments, and fear they may develop cancer. it makes them seem like little nervous nellies sitting home going, "gee, i hope i don't get cancer [cough.... cough]." a good number of these people are home bound. they cannot work, they cannot breathe, and in order to pay their medical bills they are supposed to sign a document that no one is at fault. oh wait no, a document that says evildoers are at fault.


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