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one day to general strike, and tips on moving your money

november 2 is a general strike day. started in oakland, in response to the martial law there last week, its now spread to at least NY. we will be participating. do not work, buy anything, drive or go to school.

november 5 is coming soon. it's Operation Cash Back day, where we all have our money moved from large national banks to small community banks and credit unions.

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also not an Occupy post: churches are the best setting for horror movies

making a concerted effort to not write about Occupy or that which Sucks,* which is all i feel like i've been doing the last month and a half.

so... you will have to take my word for it because my camera's battery died outside the cathedral, and i apparently packed a spare in my other bag... (yay, i've become my mother) so my pictures are limited in number and quality.

it's apparently a big secret in NY, unadvertised, done every year for at least twenty years, and still the line is around the block.

the cathedral of st john the divine on the upper west side, which i'm told is the largest cathedral in the world, puts on this elaborate halloween celebration which involves their massive pipe organ, 1920's horror movies projected on film with a live score, their old graveyard and crypts, and a procession of ghouls comprised of broadway dancers, puppeteers and trapeze artists silently scaring even the adults with their crazy costumes that are sometimes 3x as large as the wearer. and yes, i did say trapeze. yes, the cathedral is tall enough to have a trapeze artist overhead.

i was left with only my shitty phone and shitty photography skills to try to capture what was probably the awesomest awesome that ever was, through dry ice and startled and startling people.

after the movie and the procession of ghouls, said ghouls hang out and interact with people, posing for pictures and frightening children.

everyone leave exhilarated, laughing about the campy movie and imitating the huge moving sculptures as they make their way to the subway....

and seeing the show with two artists who love all things creative and cool... so much the better.

i will now be going every damn year. like everyone there, they all say they come every damn year, no matter what. i mean, the cathedral alone is spooky, add lighting and the original score of phantom of the opera, people squinting so they could barely see is that a costume or AAAHHHGHAHAH! hee hee... fun stuff.

this is turning out to be an excellent year for me. i love knowing there are fucking cool ass people in the world who love cool ass shit.

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foreclosure law firm throws halloween party where they dress as the homeless, mock foreclosure victims

this is real. and, i would have to dig out my papers, but i think it may actually be the same firm that made the first foreclosure attempt on my house.

seriously ladies, don't ever buy a mortgage. this is the type of person you're enriching.

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Occupation Log: all eyes on oakland, and general strike

so i have some things to share with you, sorry for the disorganization. i won't have time to write tomorrow, as i will be in NY till very late.

all have time to do is throw this shit up here, mostly about the police crackdown in oakland that's an embarrassment to us all. don't know about you, but i'm sick at the thought of an unarmed american civilian having his skull literally cracked for standing in a street. and seems lots of people agree with me.

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Occupation Log: Egypt didn't stand for it, neither will we

As I wake up and check the news, the sheer volume of tweets and blog posts show it was a shitty night for Occupiers. I'll just note that what I'm seeing is upsetting and get on with it: As I noted yesterday, it's been learned that one of the occupiers from the Oakland raid is in critical condition with a fractured skull and brain swelling. He has been put into a medically induced coma to help bring down the swelling. Video below in the Roar article shows him unresponsive, which can't be good. The footage from that crackdown caused my daughter to ask, “so... since when do we live in Libya?” and in all seriousness, asked why it is that more cops aren't refusing to carry out illegal orders to hurt unarmed civilians. “seriously, is this what they became cops to do?” Well, yeah.... some of them. Yeah.

send cards and well-wishes to: Scott Olsen c/o Highland General Hospital, 1411 East 31st St., Oakland CA 94602

Generally, tweets are very angry, rightfully so, but also remind each other not to change focus. The movement is not about police vs protesters, it's about economic oppression. Changing focus is what they want, it's a tactic to instigate violence to frame the protests as lawlessness, lazy, uninformed. It's not, and people need to remember that engaging is harmful to the cause. On the other hand, it's important to call out police violence when it happens so here goes.

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oakland occupier and iraq vet in critical condition from "police projectile"

i won't summarize, you can see in the link. things got extremely ugly in oakland, and one man may die.

national lawyer's guild has condemned the police action as excessive force. occupiers were largely sleeping, though i did hear one say they got tipped off by a police leak, which was right on target for the time the police were to show up.

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Occupation Log: more on Oakland, Goldman tries to punish a credit union

Watch this video as a protester gets hit with a teargas canister or something thrown by cops, and when people come to her aid, they get a flash grenade thrown at them:
vid is 3:35 long. Around minute 3 is when the shit goes down. The vid includes the police announcing the threat to use “chemical agents,” and to remove them “by force.”
another video here:

Another photo stream of the Oakland crackdown:

and this picture of an unarmed US citizen in a public space:
Another raid took place last night. This one in Atlanta. Arrests were made, and marches will occur outside the jail and the courthouse.

In LA, Occupiers are holding classes for people in such areas as building a new economy and history, as well as bartering bazaar type things where you can bring stuff to trade or sell.

In Texas, 23 activists with Occupy Dallas were arrested Monday for blocking the entrance to a Chase bank while other activists attempted to close their Chase accounts.

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California call to action: stay strong Oakland Occupiers, we're with you.

it's being humbly requested, particularly of people of california, to contact the governor as well as the mayor and the police department, in response to the overnight raid of the Occupy Oakland.

please see here for contact information, and a suggested verbiage for an email.

in case you missed what happened, and why this is needed:

this was a particularly heavy handed response, tear gas canisters, sound weapons and flash grenades were used on sleeping people at 4:30 am. it's truly disgusting.


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