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Occupy: St Louis under threat, Jay Z profiteers, and i miss occupiers marching right by me

sorry, my Occupy obsession continues. Strangely, it's fueled today by more news of that horrible story out of pennsylvania, and the stark contrast between the reaction to the protests, and what they stood for. I'm not saying it makes sense, just 'splainin.

11/11/11 28 people arrested, bringing global total for occupy arrrests to 3586

ok so remember last night's post warning of a planned raid against saint louis' Occupy? Well, we're waiting for it. Oh but here's something so interesting about it. Tonight, a St Louis police officer is planning to give a speech on police brutality. Yep. He's part of a group called “officers of the 99%,” and “occupy police team,” and give a speech about historic use of brutality against protests.
don't forget to tune into the live stream:

in california, Richmond mayor skips veterans event for Occupy rally

Jay Z sells Occupy t shirts, has no intention of sharing profits with movement
(tweets say he better make sure his site is secure.... heh... )

tonight at Oscar Grant Plaza,

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Occupy tidbits 11/10/11

i have an answer for my friend now, who asked about where the hell musicians are, with this protest. david crosby and graham nash showed up at OWS in NY and sang some songs.

they couldn't say enough good stuff about this movement today on democracy now. listen to their comparisons to the 1960's:

now onto the news, starting with two tragedies:

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interesting comparison:

pulling this idea directly from twitter, here is an interesting comparison of two demonstrations.

here is a california Occupy protest last night:

and around the same time, riots erupted in state college pennsylvania over the firing of a football coach. here's how they demonstrated. get a load of the smiling faces:

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Occupy Wall Street acknowledges sexual violence in the camp, and details how they're addressing it

i was sad to read this, on a variety of levels. read this and make your own judgment. i can say that at least, it was courageous to write this and get it out in the open.

Transforming Harm & Building Safety: Confronting Sexual Violence At Occupy Wall Street & Beyond

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Occupation log: a warning to the Oakland authorities, a victory in NJ, Clinton doesn't get it and a violent crackdown in Atlanta

A message from Occupy Wall Street Protests:

NY Post cover 11/3/11
murdoch's rag has abandoned any shred of objectivity in this issue. i walk past the post every day and i see ridiculous covers, but they're not readily available right away. it's getting increasingly vitriolic over the last week. clearly, this movement is terrifying certain types of people.

outside the white house today:

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Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not, by Deena Stryker

this article is a must-read for anyone participating in OWS. it provides a counter narrative to the bullshit that's being shoved down our throats presently about ireland, greece, spain and portugal. no, selling off public assets to europe is not the only answer, no they will not be isolated and destitute if they refuse. iceland's story shows you how bullshit those notions are.

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a funny thing happened asking my bank about who owns them

ok so i was just thinking about my "small community bank" who recently started playing up the "independent" and "community" aspects of their institution. weighing the pros and cons of switching to a credit union, i realized one thing that would really turn me in a credit union's favor would be learning that my community bank is underwritten by a large one, or if corporations are stakeholders, something like this. i'm relatively ignorant on shit like this so i don't know if this was a possibility or not.


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