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De-Stressing Myself (part 1)

I have finally realized how stressed out I really am. My entire life I have been "in-charge." When I was a little girl I babysat my baby sister all the time when my mom moved out.

Then I was always the teenager that got high - but not too high so I could watch my friends and make sure they didn't do anything stupid.

Then I got pregg-o when I was 16.. I did everything right, quit smoking, hanging around with my partying friends. And since then I have been a responsible mama...

I now see that I am a seriously paranoid parent - I mean seriously. I never ever relax, I am only 28 and I feel like an uptight senoir.

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Positive birth stories?

I am setting up some positive birth stories on my website;

Any mamas want to contribute? if you post it here let me know if i can use it on my site or not. Here is mine.....

Brooklyn's Birth

February 22, 2004 my daughter Brooklyn Star was born, it was one of the most beautiful expiriences of my lifetime. Earlier that day I took my three children swimming at the jr. high-school pool in Amherst. For some reason I was feeling extra flexible and kept bobbing my huge belly around in the water, doing squats and lunges; I felt weightless. At 4:00 pm I had had enough and as we dried off I began to feel contractions, it seemed to me that they were becoming more and more regular but even after three births, I still wondered, "is this really labor?" At home I relaxed and fed my kids dinner, we just relaxed after that. I started to get more excited, this was really happening.... for the fourth time!

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Your First Love

I wanted to dedicate this blog entry to my first love...he has hazel eyes and perfect cocoa skin... Although he hurt me the most, he also taught me the most and continues too...

So, who is your first love and do you still love him?

Do other Hip Mamas believe that true love never dies (like I do)?

Do you keep in touch?

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I cannot believe that my baby is 11 years old today. I was 16 when I got pregnant with him. 16! And now he is already 11... To me this is just incredible. I can remember his birth like it was yestarday, how soft he felt, how absolutely in love I felt with him when I first touched him. I never knew what love was until that moment and suddenly he is a huge eleven year old little man!(or should I say a pain in the butt!) When I say huge I mean 5'2" and 115 pounds! He grew 107 pounds in 11 years, it's amazing! He is starting to find me a tad bit embarrassing... which I supose I can understand, it may be the onset of puberty.

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Step-sister troubles...

Today I found out that my little stepsister (she's 22) is six months pregnant. She found out last night! She is either a recovering addict or an addict I'm not even sure, she has just come back up east from florida and may be facing jailtime for skipping town a year ago. She has definately been drinking alcohol for the past 6 months and smoking weed so there is a high chance that this baby is going to have problems. She was arrested a year ago for possesion of heroin and let's just say that she has not been to rehab. I'm not even sure if she is planning on stopping drinking, that is the worst part. I feel so helpless, she is a really troubled girl that has had no guidance for the past ten years (at least.) She has lived on her own been with a bunch of guys that were on drugs and beat her etc., so it is a very touchy situation trying to help her without scaring her away.

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Did you have a doula?

The weekend was long, so all I have to say is goodbye Sunday - farewell my leisurly friend
Monday will be here before I know it.

I have two questions: Did you have a doula during childbirth and was there one thing that stuck out that she did to relax you and comfort you?

I am a doula and I am preparing for a birth so I just thought I would ask.. I never had a doula for any of my births, I guess I was my own doula :) I don't know why I feel so nervous I have done this plenty it seem that once birth begins I know exactly what to do, but before that I start to feel nervous and like I am forgetting something.

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Is this a threat?

"I would recommend that you keep a dictionary close at hand or open a reference guide in Word or some other application to double check your assumptions before questioning your professor's use of a term."

My professor sent this to me in an email after I wrote him this email:


I was just wondering if you intentionally used the word fate in the first DB? When I was rereading through it I noticed that your opening statement was:

"This has been the fate of tribal, or indigenous peoples virtually everywhere."

And then to say to me after my response that "fate has nothing to do with aculturation" seems contradictory...

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Acculturation, fate and venting...

I just started an online course in cultural anthropology. We had an initial class where we had to meet the professor and I was pretty impressed by him. I could feel his passion for anthropology, so I expected that it would be an exciting summer course... WELL... I swear he has been counter-attacking every single thing I have posted online in our class so far! He went as far as to make a blanket statement that, "fate has nothing to do with acculturation" he said that basically he would change my point of view (everything happens for a reason) by the end of the semester. Well, his idea of fate and mine are different...he is looking at it from the point of view of someone that has studied anthropology for years - I had to look up the definition of anthropology in the dictionary after I signed up for this class..


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