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Back to blogging and more emotionally healthy....or am i? mothers day goals

Well it's been a long time, but I am back, this time around I'm giving myself a mothers day present, this blog. I need mama-love, I need community. And hipmama was calling to me from afar.

Although I am not truly convinced that I am really hip-enough to be here, and I actually hope to find out a few things about myself in this journey such I hip? am I really the supermom people think I am? Who am I am and what do I like to do besides clean the house and feed people. Is there in actuality more to me than that. or not?

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Bloggidy Blog Blog Blog

Besides all of the trauma and drama going on in my life right now I am actually pretty okay! I am getting ready to take my kids to the stream to get wet and having a hard time prying myself away from the computer.. I have been on alot lately, it's a great site for mamas:not better than this one though :)

My oldest is at a survival skills camp and he is loving it, but suddenly my house is quiet and my life seems a little slow. I have no classes at the moment and nothing to read. I literally have a library of books in my house but have read all of the fiction ones already... I am not really excited at the prospect of reading any non-fiction right now.

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Start a Mama's playgroup...

I decided to start a Mama's Playgroup in my town; I made posters and my kids handed them out at our local farmers market, we also posted them at our library and around town. It was suposed to start yestarday but it was so hot that I missed my own group (oops) I hope that after awhile it really becomes a kick-ass group of mamas..... Here is what the posters say:

Mama’s Play Group
All ages (kids & mama’s) welcome!

Feeling overwhelmed from the summer heat?

Looking for some new friends?

Want to meet up with some other mamas and discuss “adult� topics while the kids play?

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My New Car

We made a major purchase yestarday; a 2003 Pontiac Montana "mini-van" - before this I was driving a REJECTED 1996 Windstar... This is the nicest car I have ever owned. It is a whole new feeling of not having to be paranoid that I will get a ticket everytime I drive somewhere. Plus all four of my kids fit comfortably with room to spare! I am so happy; no longer will I have the shit box that is blowing smoke and leaking oil all over the town. People seem to take having a reliable vehicle for granted, it is such a big deal for me I feel like baking myself a cake!

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De-Stressing Myself (part 2)

Thanks Mamas for all that replied, I love the idea of a family back massage and will try it tommorrow... I have had a pretty relaxing weekend: I talked to one of my good friends last night on the phone for about two hours while my kids played flashlight tag outside. (the 500 mosquito bites didn't even "bug" me...) I stayed home most of the weekend and enjoyed a few mojitos... I let myself relax in the hammock and get a bit tipsy for once. My most stressing moment was giving my dog
Manny a bath.
The kids helped with the housework and dh did some dishes this morning. It was pretty nice. I just let stuff happen. I even went to a party for some new people on my street, which felt pretty akward, but it ended up to be fine..


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