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update on me and mine

well dang just want to say hello i havn't been here in probably years i just do the facebook hipmama. hope all you ladies i know are doing well. things aren't so great for me but hell when have they been? lol denessa is in 2nd grade doing totally fabulous in school, carlisle will start kindergarten next fall. i am currently homeless and jobless barely keeping my mind together and i mean just barely. but well im mostly used to life being just plain shitty, but i have my girls who are healthy happy smart and beautiful. much love ladies, jess

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I remember.....

when there were so many posts up here all day long it was all i could do to keep up now i come by every few days and its still all the same posts and shit. damn i kinda miss old hipmama.....when we talked bout important shit race, breastfeeding, silly shit too as i usually did.....

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The man of my dreams?

i know that sounds hokey and disneyish but damn. He's 6'5 a lawyer, has custody of his daughter, says all the right things, is built like a truck"ex football player" OMG mamas i am so scared to think of what could be... our first date is saturday and it includes the kids! wow and just text me he got a check for $35,000 for a case he is taking on i swear this has to be a dream. he is renting a car saturday so we can all be comfortable while we r out. how kick ass thoughtful is that? we text an talk all the time but our first "date" willbe saturday i can't wait!!!

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Service to Tinkerbell

ok so i gotta say the other day was a post about a mama bein upset about sit. with a bio dad givin toys all the time to their daughter.... in this was a jab at tinkerbell and i just have to say as against the whole disney mass market/market to our kids thing as i am tinkerbell is at least kind of a feminist version for disney? she is a tinker fairy after all not some makeup fairy or dancing fairy or whatever and she is the only disney female not obsessed with/focused on finding her damn prince an bein in love and alla that so anyway i just needed to point that out. :p go tinkerbell!

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I wish I was White....

so...Nessa said this the other night and it floored me. she said i wish my dad was white. oh boy i knew living here would be tough with virtually no black people and in the town i live in there actually are none though her school now has about 4 bi-racial children though which races i am not certain. i wasnt sure what to say other than she should be proud of who she is and who her dad is and that her skin is a beautiful color and she is a good smart kind girl and that she wouldnt be who she is if she wasnt mixed.

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dad got a new puppy from the animal shelter

he couldn't stand the calm silence in the house. she comes home tomorrow. i have never in life as far back as my memory goes not had a dog so i knew he would. on another note a frog has decided that the girls lil plastic swimming pool was good place to lay eggs and we have hundreds literally of tadpoles, yeah!!! so we are feeding them and making sure there r rocks so when those lil legs come they can get out. (when i was in grade school i had a tadpole but the rock wasnt tall enough and he died while i was at school one day :-) )


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