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1. little children who sleep in vs little children who get up at the crack of dawn and demand attention

2. dogs who go back to sleep after their first wake up to go out

3. shawls

4. a washer & dryer

5. a stove& oven which work

6. the test result I wanted yesterday

7. an extra day to do school (he doesn't know it's a holiday & we took yesterday off to do errands)

8. taking my time to reply

9. weekend starts tomorrow

10. weeks of non mom time begins tomorrow, too

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Thursday -- ayup almost the weekend!

1. grateful for Eldest Daughter's bf for taking us to run errands today

2. grateful for fun!

3. grateful for finding some thing I am enjoying very much - like reading Shakespeare online

4. grateful for potentials

5. grateful for a lunch out today

6. grateful for things to look forward to -- and a few of them getting MUCH closer!

7. grateful for things which work

8. grateful for being appreciated by many right now

9. grateful for LOVE

10. grateful for my kids getting a clue!!!

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Wednesday whateveres

nah seriously, feeling better than whatever

1. "Ah what about Cat Stevens? He's nice to listen to once in a while," says the Little Dude.

2. my sweet thoughtful German/Hungarian honey

3. sexy Venezuelan men : )

4. clever Canadian cameramen ; )

5. I am grateful for the wonders of men in general -- it doesn't take much for them to make me smile when I'd rather not and that IS good

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Tuesday Time

1. grateful for sleeping in after a difficult time going to sleep last night/this morning (I did that to myself, worrying over something which is soo minor & was not worth my time or energy)

2. Cole Porter in de-morning is de-lovely

3. grateful for inspiration

4. grateful for hot showers & down blankets

5. maybe I should bake muffins.... gratitude just in the thought of summer berries in warm muffins this week

6. .....meh maybe later

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Monday, Monday, ba da da

ok, but I am not crying today, the song was just in my head and needed playing ; )

1. grateful the rain has stopped (my dogs have come to be freaked out by going out in it egads!) of course that led to this song

2. grateful for the water being back on -- apparently they had to shut it off for a while this morning and of course we had not been notified....

3. grateful for the last of the banana bread (wonderfully made for & shared with Mr Right over the weekend)

4. grateful for biding my time and letting things happen on their own time rather than pushing my issues out of fear

5. grateful for soups again -- it helps, it really does

6. grateful for renewed vision

7. grateful for the ocean being soo close when i needed it - I am an Earth person in so many ways & reconnecting to the Ocean is so important to my balance & inner settings


9. grateful for possibilities

10. grateful for change

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Finally, Friday

1. grateful for patience & its reward

2. did i say yesterday I was grateful for sunny weather? well, today I better be grateful for Rainy weather

3. grateful for pillsbury orange rolls for a warm break fast this morning

4. grateful for Calm tea, too

5. grateful my daughter has the weekend off

6. grateful for time to be away from here

7. grateful for soups for lunch & dinner

8. grateful for a man who can & wants to cook

9. grateful for daughter leaving for lunch since she was being a massive shit

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Thursday is here

1. grateful for the 15 minute bursts of writing this morning via a G+ hang out with another writer - I reached my word count for today

2. grateful for home school's flexibility

3. grateful for daughter's lap top so little boy & i can do 2 things at once

4. grateful for "guard dogs" who bark at the noises & folks in the alley

5. grateful for tea - hot or cold

6. grateful for soup & pizza being on sale all week - cheap easy food I do not have to "cook"

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wednesday, where was i?

1. thank the gods of the internet for Live Ireland,, and the ability to teach my kid in my pajamas

2. thank the gods of chaos for creating an issue with scheduling & captain's licenses so that Little Dude's dad was home yesterday and gave me a check! YEAH we eat this month!!! (without being penny pinchers for another week - less tress is a GOOD thing)

3. thank the gods of weather for sunny days & foggy nights

4. thank the gods of candy making for Milky Way bars & minis for Halloween

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Today, Tuesday

1. trick or treating lifted my spirits as the folks were so nice & friendly

2. Little Dude said it was one of his Best Halloweens

3. Pandora for some Norah when I opened it this morning

4. an unexpected day off from Little Dude & teaching -- perfect for starting my NaNo, sleeping & whatever else I need to do emotionally without a kid in the room

5. a HUGE ass pillowcase of candy which I will handle with moderation as my keyword

6. NOT being in L.A.


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