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wish i had a digital camera right now...

okay, sometimes i am real lax about food, not at all the no sugar, unprocessed, whole food "nazi" i was when girls were todlers, so i gave some mini marshallows to boy-child right now, and he's all "yeah!" and running back for more, so i keep giving him small handfuls...

i get up to peek at him and...

he does not like them to EAT. he has smashed them all over the arms of our rocking chair and somehow got two stuck in his long surfer boy curls...and ohmygawsh! Minimarshamllow art!

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jealous over hipmama bbq

read about the bbq at whoanellys and saw the adorabl epics from sugarhicup and i WANT a hipmama BBQ on the west coast!!!

I know i've only just come back to the site but the mamas are all so wonderful and fun and well...anyone on the west coast, Ca to be more specific I guess wanna do anything like a get together....I;m in San Diego and willing to travel a little bit, we're carless at moment (early '50s mercedes that needs engine rebuild)but i do train travel well. and well, if anyone wants to come down here we have Sea World & Legoland & zoo & my hubby's a chef at a restaurant where we could have a mom's night out thing

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little warm cuddly boy having baba

he's such a nice late sleeper since we let him stay up to wait for daddy-o to come home from work, or like last night, when i get back from writers group. he wakes so happy & lovey, lots of mama kisses, esp on the mole on my chin whic he MUST kiss a certain way & touch when he's nursing. then he says "baba!" and we get cuddlier still, and he giggles & makes silly faces while nursing. and i have to fight off his free hand which wants to pinch & play with the nipple he's not latched on. this boy's gonna be obsessed w/ big boobs & will probably have a mole fetish. the one on my hip he calls "cookie" and used to think it was another baba.

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local mamas

redmommas title of hipmama neighborhood tapped into my wonder if there's some sort of "list" where we know who's local to us....other than reading everybodies' bios. or maybe a poll could be set up for that sort of stuff?
this could be something you've all done before.
just a thought

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blues today

i have a friend, Don, who was a father figure, mentor, pal, etc who has a brain tumor. he might make it to his next birthday this summer. he might not.

our neighbor just lost his battle with a different type of brain tumor after his birthday right before mother's day. Danny went fast when he deteriorated & we didn't get to say goodbye. we didn't know the last time we saw him it would be the last time.

my mother died of the same type of tumor Don has. i cared for her 24/7 during radiation & chemo & 8 months of hell. she was not a good mother & when she got sick she was a worse mother. i actually had to stop caring for her because she was emotionally abusive and psychologically destructive. i saw her again the week she died, a little more than a month before my son was born. we had not spoken in the 9 months i was pregnant.

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returning to hipmama after long time

i had come to hipmama a while back (1999) and life got in the way between then & now, but now is now and now i've got new computer {ALL MINE} w/cable modem. What I also have now is new kid -- well, he ain't that new anymore. But he is a HE after 3 shes and the youngest of them is a good 10 yrs older, so it's a whole new game. Plus there's a new Daddy-O to do this with, really great involved Daddy-O vs 1st husband who is still a louse.
well that was all by way of an intro.
i'm embracing this second mommyhood in a new & different way then before, which is funny cause lots of stuff i did years ago when no one else was is all the rage now -- like organic & attachment stuff & nursing.


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