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Now, pictures should be viewable be one & all ***edited***


here i go again -- this time should work cause i used nomad's advice ....please let this work!"
This is from oy-child's Birth Day, on left is oldest daughter Betty, then blondie in blue is The Bean, and to the right of mamanopjs (in Victoria Secret's pajama no less, not a hospital gown that time for me!) is your future POTUS Belle

Here are daddy-o and his oldest & youngest sons ---"
Then fast forward one full year to oy-child's 1st birthday party. With Bean on left, Betty in back in red kerchief, & Belle on right in mamas blue cashmere sweater.

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picture questions

i'm a brain dead baba mama tday -- oy-child has been suckling ALL day long, and i am trying to do stuff w/ him in lap attached to me....

ho wthe heck do i get my pictures, either from my AOL photo albums or my Yahoo ones to post here? where do i get the file names to write (with code around it, that much i know!)

i'm really feeling dumb righ now, cause this should be easy, right?

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exceeded maximum submission crap is starting to hurt my feelings

i have now received the
earlier and I did everything to resolve the problem -- closed out the window, relogged in, left it off for long time -- hours! and each & every time --12 of them, i got that f'n message and no matter where i tried to post a reply, or how short....
i was taking it very personally, boo hoo hipmam don't like me no more!

well, hours & hours later after having even restarted my computer, let's see....

originally i just wanted to post "thanks for the suggestions"

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annoying me, a lot!!!

okie-dokie, so i just tried to post a reply to nomad bout the welfare mom thing to offer up lots of asstance, then to about teaching babies to swim AND BOTH TIMES i got the "you've exceeded the maximun submission..." BS!!! so both posts were lost!!!

wht's up with this?

i'm getting frustarated!

Nomad-- emailme


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