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for all of us falling/jumping/dancing off the Hot Mama wagon,,FOOD_9936_25894,00.html

Anotehr by my boy Alton Brown!!!

this is the corn dog recipe we munched out on the 4th,and I'm whipping up a batch for my nephew today as as treat. That kid is the worst influnce on me -- whenever he comes over we do such fun kid food & it's all "Bad" for my Hot Mama game plan!!!!

a note -- I do not add the onions, jalepenos or creamed corn & it works just fine, but it makes much more than 8 dogs! We used the chopstick idea & it worked great, but better than that we chopped the dogs in half & made mini corn dogs.

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edited "list" post that went awry

disclaimer ***

1. this list is intended as nothing but good clean fun
2. is based on nothing more substantial than what little i "know" or gleam form posts & bios
3. is meant to be funny & thought provoking, as well as list provoking -- add your list to this thread!!!
4. does not mean to leave anyone off on purpose
5. something I have thought about since our HipMama Village thread

that all said, my list of HipMamas I want sitting around sharing a meal with me --- in no particular order but how they come to my little brain ---


apparently disclaimer and all, this caused more trouble than ever intended. what started as "geez, what would it be like to hang with hipmamas in a community?" to (in my mind) "which would be most _____ [fill in the blank] to sit around with?" as in who wouldn't want to have dinner with ____ [again fill in the blank]?" to "how can I best express this thought w/o offending ANYONE?" to "sigh, I guess that can't be doen"

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cheat sheet / spread sheet ***edited w/ IMPORTANT NOTE***


this list was never intended to be 1. posted here or anywhere public 2. only to be passed among mamas who are included by their choice and 3. going to be sent by me to any of you by whatvere means you'd prefer... e-mail, im etc, so that you could control who saw it on your end. Belive me I hold al of your privacy & ananymity here very high. I just know we who are chatting these days want something to keep us straight as to whom we are discussing things with in chat.

okie-dokie, based as much on the Yahoo conferences yesteday & today I have compiled the list!!

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"Got Milk, Mama?"

Or here I go -- jumping into the whole 'zine world!

I'm ready to do this...I think, I hope.
So here's my slant -- I'm working on a 'zine about breastfeeding.

Main emphasis on nursing dealing with everything from 1st latch-on to prolonged to tandem to weaning tips & tricks. Would like to feature articles on lactivism. Request reviews on books and any media form dealing with breast feeding.

Willing to have anything about mothering & the whole attached mothering thang - ie; slings, cloth diapies, co-sleeping, and any combo of all that which did or did not work for you & yours., cause I'm sure to veer into those topics from time to time myself. While breastfeeding is a main topic, I understand that it does not happen independently of mothering.


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