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cucumber lemon water

for all Mamas a spa recipe to keep us drinking that H2O, epsecially when it gets boring or tedious & especially if you are working out or on a very hot area. I drank it lots & lots while i was preggo with oy-child.

slice up one medium to large sized lemon & one half a regular sized cuke - thin rather than thick slices, add to about 2 qt of water in a pitcher. Let that sit in the refigerator for at least 30 minutes so the stuff can do its thing.

belive me this can turn a non-water drinking around & really helps you keep drinking the good stuff all day.

You can add more water to the slices stuff for at least that day & the next. After about the end of the 2nd or the 3rd you'll want to dump the slices and add new ones. This wil all depend on the qulaity and freshness of the lemons & cukes you use.

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HOT MAMAS: DAY 39 "Old habit of mind is one of the toughest things to get away from in the world. It transmits itself like physical form and feature . . ." ---
Mark TwainLet's break some old negative habits & instill some new beneficial ones! Today post about any habits you've broken or changed or adopted during Hot Mamas.

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starting the mailings

ATTN Mamas on the ever growing Master List of real/on-line Identification Information

I am sending it out ...

If you are not yet part of == this don't fear!!! We are not closing the roll books or shutting anyone out -- there is always room for anyone new to be added on. Just e-mail or IM me & i will take care of distribution to those on the list already. Privacy & respect are primary in our minds.

When you receive the list, please let me know if any personal info is incorrect so I can edit it and send out corrections. This way you won't have to e-mail everyone yourself.

Remember< mamas, this list is for our personal use in keeping everyone's identities from being confuzzled in our brains while we branch out into friendships & communications via Yaho IM. Please be respectful of the other mamas desires to have this info only in our own loving hands. PLease DO NOT send out forwarded mails with these names listed in CCs or the addresses listed.

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List time EDITED so please read

Okie-dokie, all you mamas who sent me your info for the list to help keep everyone's real names/Yahoo IDs/HipMama IDs etc straight, here is my current roll sheet.

docmomma (I need your Yahoo ID - i will IM you on AOL or you can email it to me on AOL)

frannypants --- would you like to be on the list knowing that it will only be sent to the others in this roll call?
sunshine -- all I have for you is your Yahoo ID, please IM or email me your info for the list


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