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Calling all you west coast/LA mamas -- aka as danger_kitty, writermom et al!!! and anyone else who wants to drive!!!

The oy-child & i are gonna be hanging it in Big Bear the weekend of August 19th (Friday) until possibely the night of Monday 22nd!

Anyone wanna join us? We have a condo with my aunt. She's leaving on Sunday & i can have up to 4 more folks stay over sunday night & monday. The other days anyone is welcome to come up for a day in the mountains.

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under siege

yesterday morning we came out to livingroom on daddy-os day off to find more than 5 ant auotbahns on the built-in book cases, entertainmemt center, toy basket and in my little mama mouse's cage bugging her & her babies. so while i am cleaning this up...(and there was no FOOD for them to be on at all!! ) I found like 2 "queens" in the group which was converged in and on & under a pile of cook books on teh buit-ins.

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can i tell y'all something???

I &#9829 YOU ALL!!!since coming back to hipmama i have been a much happier person, in the last few weeks with Yahoo conferences & the hicupping chatbox I have been laughing & having fun like i can't remember when.right now, so many mamas are sufferring thru some major crap and teh support & love that gets flowin from this place is MAGIC i have a super playgroup whose mamas are good friends and we hang almost every day & we talk about every detail of our lives (or so i thought until we have discoverd here that Lysol, bleach & loofahs are the 3 keys to saving your rela


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