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1. good enough sleep

2. energy

3. more new mama friends irl

4. the ability to do things, real things

5. aww music...these songs are so moving no matter how many times i hear them

6. oh yes! I have Bagels for breakfast!

7. and shrimp burritos for lunch

8. and Taco Tuesday & margaritas for dinner with a friend

9. hope, faith,trust

10. love underneath it all

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somehow it's Monday again

1. got a babysitting gig and the family LOVES me, the little daughters wanted to go home with me right there & then (wish it was longer term)maybe I will see about what we can arrange when they move

2. bought myself a hot deli sandwihc for lunch

3. appreciation for the killer deal on some seafood for my solo again dinner

4. i am grateful for my confidence & self assured-ness (ack what a word)

5. for the nice phone call this morning = new friend and new connections to things

6. for old friends

7. for new friends

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Sunday, solo silent

1. grateful for yummy delish french toast for breakfast AND bacon!!!

2. soo grateful for church this morning -- the sermon really hit home

3. sooo appreciative of Mr Right "fixing" the back yard fence when he dropped me off this morning (puppies manged to push it further & get out this week)

4. being sent home with a half a batch of some yummy home baked choco chip oatmeal cookies

5. afternoon hanging with Eldest Daughter, watching stuff on the DVR & kickin' it

6. the next few days --- all by myself

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saturday sillinees

1. getting all dressed up - long black skirt with slits, stockings, nice classic black shirt & going out on Mr Right's equally well dressed arm - i feel transported

2. watching a comedy - Horrible Bosses - on the bed, still all dressed up

3. grateful for the last of the chocolate cake

4. grateful for Christmas music time!!!

5. grateful for a deep deep sleep

6. so grateful for buckwheat pancakes for breakfast

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Friday, finally

1. the power of words, of poetry, of song lyrics, of just another person's voice

2. the ability to be there for someone

3. homemade chicken satay for dinner last night -- maybe the only way I like PB

4. my Vonage free long distance plan ; )

5. grateful for looking forward to a night out on the town

6. grateful for Nutella & bananas

7. grateful & appreciative for love

8. grateful for learning

9. enjoying the foggy Autumnal weather

10. HipMama!!!

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Today is ...Thursday...

1. grateful for sharing breakfast & talking

2. grateful for friends to touch base with

3. grateful for being made to think by friends

4. grateful for next week's vacation in the mountains, in the snow

5. grateful for thinking about making chicken satay with peanut sauce for dinner tonight

6. grateful for other thoughts

7. grateful for today's musical selections so far

8. grateful for the last bowl of homemade chicky soup for my lunch today

9. grateful for a few IPAs for dinner tonight

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what a wonderful Wednesday

1. waking up early

2. then sleeping in LATE

3. sharing lunch ; ) a pleasant surprise

4. warm fuzzy sweaters

5. the soundtrack from "City of Angels"

6. photo fun

7. smiles, from close up & far away, to make my day

8. hot tea & cold mineral water

9. good books to read and great words to write

10. love, simple and true

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totally Tuesday

1. I am thankful for the crock pot of home made chicken soup I have been working on since last night -- we are trying not to be sick over here

2. I am thankful for being appreciated for just doing what comes naturally

3. I am grateful for friends : ) especially new mama ones

4. I am so thankful i had time & space to write yesterday - got my word count up significantly

5. I am thankful for my CD collection - "Shady Grove" from Jerry Garcia just makes me feel better

6. I am thankful for memories that music brings back

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Monday Morning

1. waking up here

2. having breakfast together

3. having time to write

4. having time to knit

5. having a potential "job" - waiting for a return call

6. having a potential side "gig"

7. having access on utube to listen to a Van Morrison CD i own which got cracked

8. yummy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies my honey baked

9. I am so grateful for the past 3 days of family time which included his kids, my daughter & her bf and then me & his family doing family stuff ; )

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Soggy Saturday

1. Little Dude is off to his dad's for 3 weeks! with the required lessons to get us thru the end of the semester

2. THAT Little Dude is not just almost done with the 1st semester but AGAIN almost 100% complete with an entire grade level -- way to go Little Dude & Mom!

3. "Family" pizza dinner tonight w/Mr Right & his girls & Eldest Daughter & her BF

4. house cleaning in progress

5. American Horror Story episodes on the DVR to watch now that Little Dude isn't home

6. rainy stormy night has become chilly sunshine


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