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Friday, what does that even mean?

1. for semi sleeping in & feeling semi rested

2. for not staying curled into a ball in bed

3. for not being answerable to any human being this week (other than the babysitting gig & the parent teacher conference I have been able to just rot)

4. for writing these lists - i do feel answerable to that on some level

5. for my honesty in being able to say (well, type) I feel sucky & not at all positive today

6. for my ability to fly in the face of the very heart of these lists by having the chutzpah to post just such a list

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Thursday please be a better day

1. grateful to know there are supplements I can give this dog to help calm his noxious self down

2. soo appreciative that daughter checked about whether the landlord still owns the house or not before we paid rent this month (he does so that is a good thing???)

3. grateful the dog drank his warm sleepy time tea, fingers crossed that it helps

4. grateful for having valium & xanax I didn't take before (did you know vets prescribe it for dogs with behavioral issues now?)

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what the fuck wed nes day

1. i am grateful for whatever part of my brain did NOT just let the stupid dog jump over the fence and disappear (someone would have JUST called when they found him)

2. i am grateful that when I hauled his ass to the ground from down off of the roof of the storage shed I didn't break his stupid neck

3. i am so grateful my foot only got JUST squished under his weight and that ONE log and that my ankle didn't get twisted or my foot broken

4. I am sooo appreciative of the prepacked bag of ice in the freezer

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1. the secret Santa wish lists on G+ from our Amazon wish lists JUST may save my son's dog from being shipped to Timbuktu (I have put dog crates on it)

2. I am grateful for the wonderful friends & community on G+ who came up with the Secret Santa idea & are spreading joy as elves across the community

3. I NEED things to be grateful for after last night -- so I will start with being grateful for babysitting last night some of the sweetiest girlies

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Make my Monday

1. a good long sleep last night, even all alone

2. a morning filled with music

3. a renewed sense of purpose

4. plans for tonight playing with some sweet little girlies

5. the lingering feelings of the love & community from the weekend

6. a peace I rediscovered

7. inspiration

8. clean laundry & hair ; )

9. knowing I can find real folks who think & feel like I do and share time & space with them and friendship AND family time

10. oh LOVE!!!!

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early Thanks Giving Post

since I am leaving this afternoon for a few days I want to post a special list of things I am Grateful For

1. I am so grateful & appreciative of the deep and wonderful love which the Universe has gifted me with in the form of Mr Right

2. I am sooo appreciative of the last 21 years of motherhood and the amazing, frustrating, wonderful souls I have been blessed with as children

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late Tuesday equals early Wednesday

1. a friend who will take me to happy hour, buy me drinks and talk about the craziest damn shit

2. I entered a photo contest tonight -- I am grateful I have that much confidence in my work

3. so grateful for a friend who helped me create the cover "page" while I organized and uploaded photos to enter in time

4. writing on a new project - short & almost finished

5. grateful for technology which allows me to do what i do (when I do it!)

6. Christmas songs on Pandora!!!

7. appreciate having someone to spend the holiday with


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