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Rainy Day Monday

1. waking to the sound of rain -- something I used to enjoy so I will say I do today

2. rainy school days mean baking cookies (even if from a pre-made roll so what)

3. I am grateful that home school is almost finished for the Semester - we are at 100% in Spelling & Grammar, 85% in Science & History, over 60% in Lit, Art & Math (with 100% possible in the time I have allotted - it's more a matter of checking off assignments)

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Sunday's supers

1. waking up being held and smiled at and kissed and loved

2. staying in bed listening to my son & my man making pancake batter & bacon

3. going to church with the kids - everyone commented on my children : ) "oh we've met your daughter (his daughter), and it's so nice to meet your son now"

4. how well my son impressed the teachers of the class he chose to attend on his own at church today, too

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Friday - finally!

1. grateful for daughter helping to do more packing so we can maybe leave dogs inside on Saturday

2. grateful for home school - & that we are this close <--> to the end of 3rd grade curriculum

3. grateful for Mr Right making weekend plans for us - even if I might not be able to spend the time with him : (

4. grateful for not having to get dressed every day - this chaos is somehow easier in my pjs

5. grateful the kitchen is about 80% packed, the living room is at about 75% & i am about 50% done packing my own clothes

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Thursday, today is better kinda day

1. I am so grateful for Carter Gibson over on G+ and his wonderful band of Secret Santa elves -- he posted about my move predicament affecting Christmas & his "minions" came thru in flying colours - before I woke up almost all the Lego items I put on my Wish List for Riel were purchased & shipped!!!

2. so thankful to my daughter for spending most of her day off yesterday packing as much as she did -- the kitchen is almost packed & the living room is stacked full of boxes

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Wednesday's wild ride

1. I am so thankful that my Eldest Daughter's BF's family has agreed to allow her to move in with them -- she will be able to keep going to work, go to college next semester & I will NOT be worried about her -- well other than what if they break up, but she can save her money, she better save her money

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wild wacky wednesday

1. Grateful as all hell to reese for everything she has done recently to make me feel better

2. sooo appreciative of the internet & how quickly the Universe can work & how small the world can be

3. so very thankful for my daughter's job giving us access to unlimited boxes for packing

4. grateful for my daughter's day off so she can be here packing ALL Day as much as possible

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too much Tuesday

1. the roller coaster continues, yes, i am grateful for that - what? I want a boring life? hahahahahahaha oh you mean, I can have a serene, even keeled life??? ohhh lol

2. daughter is home for part of this week - yeah for some stuff getting done with help

3. grateful daughter has access to getting some boxes from work so we can start repacking some of this way too much stuff in our small house

4. grateful I am in some crazy place (in my mind) to lend a helping hand for a young girl with assistance in return (more later when it gels up)

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Monday, oh my

1. so grateful I got to sleep cuddling my precious little son last night & woke to snuggle him some more

2. had great job interview #1 this afternoon

3. have another lined up for Wednesday

4. am not emotionally devastated or dark ass dark right now - this says a LOT about my self esteem in ways I do NOT want to get into right now

5. i will be thankful for the crazy cardio exercise i just got fast walking around my whole block when the fence closed on me, locking me out on the opposite street from my house

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solo sunny Sunday

1. persistence pays off -- working out details on two ghostwriting gigs

2. possibility of other things is a good thing to wake up to

3. slept in late as i went to bed *late* as i was talking with my bestie & he made me feel all sorts of better about stuff - it is amazingly wonderful to have a man's pov who you are not involved with, who truly only wants the best for you to talk shit thru with


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