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Thursday's bright & sunny & hopeful Gratitudes

1. I am grateful for honesty & sharing deep dark as well as simple & easy

2. I am grateful for my best friend, Ray, whose advice to join a particular dating site made this possible

3. I am grateful for elienos for starting the topic of "what I want in a partner" so I could sit down and do some serious thinking, write it out & send it on to be fulfilled by the Universe

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Wednesday Sunny Day Grats List

1. oh you should see how much progress I have made in my house this week w/o children underfoot!

2. no strike yet!

3. Zaftig -- a beautiful wonderful word....

4. puppies who are growing up & learning more & more

5. how mindful a thing it can be to chop veggies twice a day for the puppies' meals

6. remembering to stretch this morning - precursor to remembering to exercise every day

7. my children

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really? it's ONLY Tuesday Grats

1. rainy days w/o school = major house cleaning

2. DVR - found the remote this morning -- Wilfred & Dr Who

3. that my daughter has the patience & skills to unwind my yarns when they get tangled -- and I mean an entire basket full

4. hot bath last night after all the cleaning & moving of furniture --ahhhhh

5. our food stamps came before the strike, thank the gods - we are going to stock up so we do not have to cross the picket lines or shop anywhere else during the strike

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Monday, sweet Holiday Monday all alone......

#1. kids off - daughter work, son with father, Mama has the house to her self!

#2. being grateful for that alone time NOT because of anyone else but to do what I want here w/o kids

#3. documentation : ) in case Little Dude's slacks I have covered my ass again

#4. uber motivation to get this place more squared away

#5. i am actually feeling motivated to cook - like real food!

#6. the 4 am rain shower I was awake for & was out in ***ETA -- just realized it's like when you wash your cars, I washed my dogs & now it's on & off showers all day in my now mud field of a backyard : (

#7. the ability to let me son spend days with his father in a chunk vs the very disruptive broken up custody arrangement we do have & which I could stick to, BUT it isn't so good for Little Dude or myself so I have made the Mother's Law & done what is best for now BECAUSE I have control over this

#8. still having chocolate in the drawer : )

#9. warm tea & cuddling weather - and maybe very soon someone to cuddle with : ) who isn't 8 or have 4 legs

#10. the DVR!

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Sunday Grats

1. my kitchen is CLEAN -- the big deal IS that #1 I haven't actually cleared off this one counter area since like we moved in & #2 the layer of dirt which has accumulated daily from having a DIRT yard & dogs...I had given upon parts of the kitchen counters "never" used -- BUT Yesterday I cleared them all off & cleaned them all up!

2. Sunday champagne brunch

3. my daughter worked floral yesterday & she did this little vase with 2 orchids & she bought it for me - silly kiddo : )

4. good sleeps

5. spiderwebs

6. having a boy who loves to read - especially about history ; )

7. no strike yet & she is scheduled for a 32 hr work week

8. that it's ok we are BROKE ass since it's ONLY for a few days & the freezer still has food

9. sooo grateful that every dime we spend at the store counts towards those $25 gift certificates every month or so

10. for knowing & respecting my own boundaries, and flaws

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1. for being able to use my wisdom and not go where i should not

2. for Cole Porter as the background music for last night & this morning (so dreamy & romantical, no?)

3. for my sweet baby boy - I can help him get back to his self if I just remember to have even MORE patience

4. for my daughter, she IS trying, but she has always lacked certain skills -- I keep trying w/her, too

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Friday, again! Grat!

1. for remembering that Little Dude needs more help than I remember sometimes -- so we mixed up our day's lessons with Wii bowling every time he got a little wiggly, I played "Chant" instead of other music, I went to bed early with him & did a guided meditation for him to fall asleep.

2. for the knowledge of what my son needs & the ability to give it to him -- if I just make it part of our routine again

3. for feeling like their is someone in my corner now

4. for Boston cream pie!

5. for feeling renewed motivation!

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Thursday List O' Grats

1. warm orange rolls for breakfast

2. getting the day begun before 11 am

3. that i have trained our puppies to sit before they get fed and to not beg at our meal times

4. that if I can't hang with home schooling this year the public school hasn't started yet & that the public school is down the street from my daughter's work

5. that the public library is on our street

6. that my daughter's work in down the block

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Wednesday is Today, is a Grate Day

1. Grateful for friends who came out last night for my comedy gig & were willing to be picked on publicly

2. the JL Farmer's Market for having an Armenian Cucumber - which has been my prop this week on stage -- ends up getting most of the comics who follow me talking about it at least once in their act

3. a wonderful brunch across from the ocean

4. great finds at the Friends of the Library's little section - amazing books for Little Dude today


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