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early Saturday - what I am grateful for right now

1. that I can toss each of my pups an apple to keep them occupied & fed a snack ; )

2. that last night a fellow employee of Eldest Daughter's offering us a ride home seeing us stocking up on a little too many groceries to haul home walking -- strike is supposed to happen Monday

3. that if they do indeed strike, Eldest Daughter will get paid some - not her entire usual paycheck - which sadly was supposed to be 40 hours next week, but enough we won't sink during the strike

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Finally Friday!

1. for early morning communiqués between Mr Right & myself - working on details, putting smiles on each other's faces, warming hearts

2. for autumnal weather = snuggle time

3. for snoozing Little Princes who I am going to cuddle awake

4. for educated compromise

5. for the wonders of live & life

6. for the long slow dance

7. for humour

8. for baking

9. for red soup (not tomato!)

10. for home school which allows for us to still be snuggly & in cozy pjs

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Hello Every Mama

Just thought I'd do a general shout out, see how everyone's doing.

Little Dude & I are pulling a long home school day & I am eager for him to finish so I can toss some cookie dough in the oven and eat some ooey gooey choco chip cookies. I have my Pandora on & am enjoying the mix of oldies & new stuff. Eldest daughter is at work until 8 pm and I have no real concept of what dinner will look like. Mr Right just planned a camping weekend for him, me, the youngest offspring & the puppies. I am happy & feeling great.

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Thursday Grat-a-tat-tat!!!

1. easy peasy breakfast with tasty bars which Mr Right brought over during the power outages

2. having the library down our street so we can quickly, easily pick up the suggested readings for my Little Prince's lessons

3. Eldest Daughter receiving extra shifts at work this week

4. Mr Right's wonderful offer to buy whichever "mid to high end" (his words) puppy food I want for my boys - so I have done my research on this

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Wednesday on my Way to the Weekend Gratitudes

1. time apart = more time for discussions, details, planning & understanding

2. I am so grateful that all of our children are looking forward to the big changes coming our way

3. I am grateful Little Dude and I have been discussing when he will go back to public school & it keeps getting easier for him to see the positive - we are now saying he will finish this year -- 3rd & 4th grade at home then go to 5th grade so he won't be the new kid in middle school, plus he will have a "sister" in middle school just a year ahead of him so that will be helpful

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Tuesdays, too

1. I am grateful for the work we are doing -- he is persistent, patient & particular -- if I say "don't work too late," he reminds me the positive way to phrase that could have been "Darling Mr Right, thank you for working late, remember to take care of yourself also."

2. Abreva! I got a fever blister and the very 1st day (yesterday!) I bought the stuff -- so far it hasn't bothered me quite so much & it does look like it's healing already! I am not big on meds, but I didn't want to be dealing with a fever blister at all.

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Monday Great to be Here List

1. beautiful morning here

2. very nice, short lunch with Mr Right

3. great topics discussed between us

4. home school

5. pomegranate sparkling soda

6. Eldest Daughter's kick ass banker who refunded her the overdraft fee which happened by accident

7. Little Dude's complete appreciation for Shel Silverstein

8. my ability to SLEEP these days of peace, energy & love

9. for doing things right; slow & with great thought, consideration & discussion

10. LOVE

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Sunday sunny Day full of Greats (grace, hahaha)

1. making breakfast a 2nd day in a row for the man I love

2. a wonderful first meeting & day spent w/Little Dude & Mr. Right

3. a dream come true -- no, seriously, this has been a LONG standing dream of mine -- to have a Volvo station wagon specifically to toss wet dogs & wet children in after a day at the beach AND today I got to do that!!!

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Saturday on a Roll List

1. a man who gets up in the early morning hours to let the puppies out so I can stay in bed

2. making our breakfast in the cast iron skillets of BOTH of our grandmothers

3. plans for a new life filled with love, partnership & family

4. Little Dude is coming home

5. tomorrow's Farmers' Market time

6. plans for spending the afternoon with Little Dude AND the wonderful single father (I need a good nic for him)

7. i am ever so grateful for the Universe sending me the man I dreamed of

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Friday First Day Rest of My Life Gratitudes

1. i am grateful the power went out all over the County as well as many many other places BECAUSE

2. he called to reassure me

3. he brought supplies (water, food stuffs & a camp stove so we could cook)

4. he stayed

5. i slept in his arms

6. i woke in his arms

7. I am grateful to the Universe & ALL Time & Space for this amazing man who loves me - he is soo in love with me & he loves me so completely


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