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Monday, Manic Monday

1. for Mr Right bringing over some stuff we needed last night & being here for a while, with me & Little Dude

2. clean puppies - bath time was much better now that they KNOW I am da Boss

3. a very good, low key, mostly well behaved weekend with Little Dude after he was at his dad's -- usually very stressful times

4. did I mention the washing machine is fixed? (urg maybe I spoke too soon - i hear funny noises as I type this)

5. boxes

6. camping trip this weekend!

7. peace & calm just happens around Mr Right

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1. for tea for my headache

2. for the change in the world

3. for love & support

4. for a fixed washing machine

5. for patience

6. for love

7. for assessing & realizing where best to utilize my abilities & talents & resources

8. for what freedom we do have and the ability & NEED to exercise them to assist

9. for putting my nervous energy into tangible stuff around my house

10. for technology

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i sent Anderson Cooper an email

Anderson -

I am wondering when you will be covering the situation in NY regarding Occupy Wall Street? I do not watch most lame stream media, but have great respect for your reporting & will watch when you cover this topic.

Thank you,

if I get any reply I will let you know

I decided it was better to be nice about it rather than pissy

I may write to other newscasters - haven't decided yet

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Saturday's sanity?

1. I am Grateful my son is home

2. I am grateful I can remain calm & sane when his dad is soo damn lame

3. I am grateful Mr Right asked me how he could help and when I said just listen to me vent, he did & he gave supportive words more than once

4. I am grateful for little boys who cuddle & sleep in

5. I am grateful for daughter who has been working 40 hours

6. I am grateful for a project which is stretching my knowledge & creativity

7. I am grateful for Mr Right's calming presence in my life

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1. another empty house day - hoping to be more productive - I feel like i wasted a lot yesterday being semi mopey (ok LOTS mopey)

2. a project fell in my lap last night - not anything "huge" but it could be big enough to do a little somethin' somethin' "work" wise

3. camping trip this weekend!!!

4. articles to write

5. photo editing to do

6. projects beginning = feels good -- feels good to do "work"

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this is Thursday

1. slept in - gonna be grateful instead of wishing I had a reason to be awake earlier

2. multiple phone calls in the last few days catching up with good friends

3. music -- yes, I liked the silence but yes I missed my Irish tunes

4. pj time - yup I am a pj kinda lounging gal

5. a book to read & a knitting project to keep me occupied today

6. my darling little son comes home soon

7. my puppies are so cute & happy I am home


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