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wherefore art thou, Wednesday?

1. getting up early means I get more done, right?

2. LAST load of laundry has been started

3. almost done inside the house - joy, that leaves outside to be

4. I am grateful that once I complete all these chores I can do what else I NEED & Want

5. I am going to do my best to be grateful i am stuck here this week and keep trying to see it as a blessing that I have solo time to get important tasks accomplished w/o children underfoot (or helping, but sigh that is a different matter)

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Today is Tuesday Rest of My Life

1. I AM grateful for deep examination of reactions, of thoughts, of intentions, of life

2. I am grateful for what is about to be 2 weeks off from Little Oy Child

3. I am grateful for the time coming up to do some things here -- repack boxes, work more on pup training

4. I am grateful for my ability to fix things I let go too far

5. I am grateful for the inner balance I found somewhere along this path and am managing to maintain effortlessly (don't know how and am not going to question, only appreciate)

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Sunday much needed list

1. I am grateful for my son

2. I am grateful for my autonomy

3. I am grateful I do not NEED a partner, but rather WANT one

4. I am grateful for a wonderful camping trip filled with the many ups & downs of a weekend with children of various ages, sexes & parentage

5. I am grateful for the 2 naps I was given this weekend

6. I am grateful for being loved, in whatever form it will take as we progress

7. I am grateful for inner strength & the patience of a saint which has preserved me this far, right?

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Friday Fun Day

1. waking up here

2. morning cuddles with both Mr Right & my Little Sonshine

3. warm tea & pop tarts for breaking the fast

4. all the gear is packed for this afternoon!

5. (okay don't get all crazy about this, but) teaching Little Dude to tie his brand new cool shoes *

6. grateful to not be the only adult organizing, packing & getting everything ready for a campingtrip

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Thursday --- sigh, I want a real shift (in my children)

1. packing & cleaning under way! (for weekend away)

2. grateful for the ability to wash & dry anything i need today for the camping trip

3. grateful for the amazing folks at who are bringing OWS here to my back yard

4. sooo happy I am not going to be in my red tent on this camping trip -- may this be a break of the long line of camping trips done during that time -- sooo damned annoying, so glad it's over

5. have I mentioned my awesome "new-to-me" vacuum Mr Right gave us?

6. for the local library

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wet wild Wednesday

1. thankful for Eldest daughter's sweet bf who drove us to the t@rget so I could spend almost all i had left to buy Little Boy blue a pair of almost $30 shoes! a $16 pair of pants he will be comfortable & warm enough in (he HATES jeans as they are restrictive to him)

2. thankful for the puppies behaving while we were gone & it started RAINING in them poor boys

3. thankful to be alive at this time in history

4. thankful for a washer & dryer & coziness during the rainy day

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yu0tube issues?

"We are currently in read-only mode. Your upload will continue but will not go live or be editable until read-only mode is over."

Is anyone able to load videos to youtube??? I am wondering if it's blocking uploads to thwart OWS protesters?

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Tuesday -- cozied up on a sprinkly day

1. sprinkly morning

2. orange breakfast rolls in the oven already

3. noxious daughter is going to work

4. quick little love notes

5. CLEAN KITCHEN -- thanks to me, duh

6. CLEAN BATHROOM -- again thanks to me ; )

7. No Laundry!! yeah Team Me

8. Eldest Daughter aka Noxious One's BF will take me to shop for Little dude tomorrow -- recall he has NO CLOTHES or SHOES and we are going camping ...something had to give and of course, (weak) yeah Team Me again, sigh

9. sleeping dogs

10. hot showers


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