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monday, monday

1. so grateful we have to do school today so i can be busy

2. so grateful for it being Halloween so we can be busy

3. soooo thrilled the kids ate Halloween cake for breakfast, again

4. so grateful I can live in my pjs at least for today and most likely all damned week

5. so grateful for NaNo tomorrow so i can be busy for a month

6. so grateful for da Mamas & my G+ pals for bringing my spirits up

7. so grateful for my own clarity

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sad sunny day

i really thought it would be BETTER when I got home

1. I am grateful for the ability to express myself with the terminology which will be 100% understood, no room for missing what I am feeling

2. i am grateful for a busy day to try to be too busy to hide in bed crying for my (as of right now, still only perceived) hurts

3. i am grateful for boxes to be able to pack away some stuff

4. i am grateful for my best friend letting me dump everything from last week over the phone last night when i needed it most and to be there for me about my worries and for doing his best to reassure me when no one else was

5. i am grateful for a sunny day

--- I can't make it to 10 right now
edited at 6 pm --

6. $3.40 pizza dinner for 2 plus drinks -- ok so I paid for the drinks out of that -- had a great coupon!

7. so grateful my son now really appreciates anchovies now

8. more gratitude for my best friend who has held my hand all day - figuratively

9. cream puffs in the freezer

10. things on the DVR

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Saturday -- dark & dreary -- list to lift the mood

1. grateful for my son being home

2. grateful for a coupon for a free pizza we are going to use next week for some fun

3. grateful for cozy green fleece I bought long ago, lifetimes ago in Virginia

4. grateful for a knitting project to keep my sanity over the next few days

5. grateful for enough comforters to keep us warm

6. grateful for open honest communication between Mr Right & I

7. grateful for a roof over our heads

8. grateful for the power of words

9. grateful for the IDEA of baking banana bread etc

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Friday's list

1. sleep the last few nights & sleeping in the past 2 days

2. i appreciate the opportunity to build a strong solid foundation to my relationship with Mr Right

3. I am so grateful & appreciative of how I can open myself up to this experience & accept such giving from someone

4. I am grateful for the quite days I keep being blessed with

5. I am grateful for each new day to be better & to grow into myself more

6. I appreciate all the difficulties which got me here

7. i am grateful for my talents as a writer

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Wet Wonderful Wednesday

1. grateful for washing machines & dryers

2. grateful for fun & funny stuffs

3. grateful for photos from the past & a camera ready for today's memories

4. grateful I have not devolved into a pool of tears, yet, today

5. grateful for not having to be here tonight whilst Eldest Daughter has her 1st official 21 year old & above "drinking" party

6. grateful for an oven so I could bake that cake sitting on the counter needing me to frost it now

7. grateful for a day off at home WITH Eldest Daughter on her birth day

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Tuesday, too

1. hot thoughts upon waking up, even though I was here by myself --so that was nice since I was missing being there

2. grateful for another few days away

3. grateful for Handi Snacks cheese & crackers -- horrid I know

4. so appreciative of the Autumnal days here at the beach

5. love - I am going to keep being so grateful & appreciative of this gift

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Monday playing catch up.....

1. I am grateful for the unbelievable honour of being part of another family & the special moments & the little moments in their days

2. I am grateful for a man who is profoundly moved, to tears, by a piece of music, by his daughter's band's amazing win at their competition, by life

3. I am grateful for the fun relationship I am developing with Mr Right's youngest daughter -- I taught her to knit yesterday ; )

4. i am grateful for being where I am in my self right now so I can be the me I am in this relationship

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Thank the Heavens it's Thursday now

1. another quiet day

2. a clean bath tub for soaking on later

3. NO laundry left!

4. a clean kitchen and almost clean rest of the house

5. did I mention I bought reading glasses at the $1 bin at T@rget? yeah, i am getting old - but they are just 1.25s and they really are helping with reading

6. learning what I didn't know

7. I am grateful for positive feedback on my photos on G+

8. clean floors!

9. I am grateful for the potential for a few days away coming up (PLEASE!)


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