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A little information and I no longer care about sleep

I thought this article was pretty interesting:

for those of us who commonly suffer from issues around sleep.

How To Sleep Like a Hunter-Gatherer
Not all people sleep in "giant sleep machines," like we do.
published online January 2, 2008
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Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr.

Thank you so much for all that you have done for us. Thank you for doing the hardest work to find the kindness and love in yourself that showed us how to change. Thank you for being my hero.

Today, on your birthday, I want to re-establish my commitment to using love, compassion and kindness as a vehicle for change.

For anyone in Portland - there is an event to celebrate him tonight:

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Call to Service -EDITED to add video

So, I have been talking with family members for the last month or so about Obama's call to service - and everyone in my family is really making an effort to start doing more work for this country - most of it in the form of volunteer work in areas that they feel they can really help. How about the Hip Mama's? Have any of you started investing time in other areas to try and answer this call?

For myself, these are the places that I feel I can help:

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Charting Cycles - "Timing Method," etc...

Since my IUD didn't work out and I have problems with taking hormones, my midwife suggested that I use the "timing method." She's used this for 9 years and found it to be highly successful. When I started asking around school, it seems that most of the female students have been using this method with success, and when I was at Planned Parenthood and told them that I didn't want another IUD and that hormones don't work for me, the nurse practitioner said that this method works wonderfully when it's done correctly.


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