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Our Costa Rican Family

I have had a hard time writing about Costa Rica. I have no wise words to say about it. I traveled and related open, without my own agenda nor expectations, just listening to cues from within and without and all worked out. This is just the beginning of something much more enduring that will take many years to unfold.

I am spent my last days in Costa Rica back in San Ramon. The first day felt strained between Jonathan (R’s dad) and I, but by the next day everything was easy again.

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I keep thinking about blogging, but have had a hard time organizing my thoughts. I don’t know how much I am comfortable sharing and what my feelings are about a lot of this stuff. So I just I decided to post, without the process. Just set the scene.

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On my way...

I am sitting on the airplane, headed towards Costa Rica. Ramona is trying to nap beside me. She only slept 6 hours last night, after several nights of not quite getting enough sleep. I wonder if, when it will catch up with her. I got 3 hours sleep if I was lucky (damned insomnia). We are dropping in on Ramona’s Dad. He wasn’t communicating with me, so I just decided to go. Ramona wanted to. But now, he becomes a part of our life. I wonder what part he will play in our lives? Suddenly there will be a dad where there once was none.

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I am baffled at my complete lack of motivation right now. I have so much time, at home, to do stuff and I don’t feel like doing anything. The me from a few months ago would have freaked if she could see all the time I would be "wasting" in the near future. All I do is think about going to Costa Rica, and that is still a month away. Am I going to be like this for a month? I can now see why I never liked to have much of anything in my life. Because I always end up feeling like this. Like I want to just get up and go.

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The last day of my life.

Five years ago today, being fed up with my pitiful fat waddle and baby-induced sciatica going down my right buttock and leg, I became determined. I had been pregnant for 41 weeks and a day, and was feeling very uncomfortable with even the discussion of inducing labor at the hospital. I decided it was time to take action. After eating pineapple for lunch, I boiled up a big pot of Raspberry Leaf tea and began to sip it. As the afternoon progressed, I started popping evening primrose oil capsules, rubbing my nipples, and massaging my hoku spot (among other things).

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A big trip is a comin'

Though I have less funds than I had been planning at this particular point in my life, I went ahead and bought plane tickets to Costa Rica on a credit card.  February 27th. When I told my mom over the phone the other day, she immediately responded, “I thought you don’t have any money.”  Ugh, my downer mom.   “…you asked us to all go in on a Christmas gift this year and get you a sewing machine because you said you can’t afford one, but you have enough for Costa Rica?”  I tell her I put in on a credit card.  So what anyway!?!?  I have priorities. I earn my own money, mommy!

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My Raw Milk (and butter) Post

Bummed the FDA has been putting pressure on my farmer for selling us raw cow milk.  Not us personally, but anybody.  It is illegal in most states now, because of, they say, risks of contamination.  Of course, everything is at risk of contamination.  There are so many scare tactics out there about raw milk (I can't even go there, it would take me all week to write), you would think it was responsible for at least one death…nope.

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Smart Kid

I had been thinking about getting R a Crafty Kid Playhouse for Christmas or maybe her 5th birthday coming up.  They seemed cute, she would be able to color it, they are "eco-friendly" and they are made right here in the USA.  And she loves playhouses and forts.  As we were leaving a store the other day, I saw some by the door.  To gauge her interest, I was like, "Wow, that looks like fun, cardboard playhouses, and you get to color them yourself!"  Ramona glanced down and said, "We don't need that.


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