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High Schooler out of control. Help!

Ok, this is my third entry for today. I hope nobody minds.

So I had that meeting with the school officials last week. High Schooler is skipping classes, creating disturbances, she can't seem to get through one day without incident. It seems that she also has been lying to me regularly about who she is with after school. She and one of her more upstanding friends (I mean seriously...this friend seemed to be a nice kid.) decided to buy some beer and go 'hang out'. The result was going to some unknown boy's house and getting drunk.

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

Cruising Facebook, I saw that someone who once sat next to me at one of the many office jobs will be graduating from nursing school tonight. Her status says "Graduation tonight after EIGHTEEN MONTHS of study! After I pass my boards, I will be an LPN!"

She is the second one this week. Another FB friend is graduating this week with a BA in Graphic Design.

Alone in the room, I blushed and hastily closed the screen window. I applaud these personal victories, and wish the recipients well.

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Nobody ever said life would be fair.

As I duck outside to start the car, I often see her leaving a tidy two family house that sits a couple of driveways away from my front door. Sometimes she gets into a waiting taxi cab. Other days, she drives herself away in a small Ford wagon with a dulled goldish finish. The bumper sags a little lower on the left side.

We keep similar schedules, this shy neighbor and I. She never waved back to me, so I eventually stopped waving. Maybe she doesn't see so well?

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Maxed out

Month seven of unemployment looms. I've never before been in this position.

My perspective is being turned upside down by what everyone calls "The Economy". Until recently, I thought employment was a guaranteed product of having skills to sell and the willingness to seek out someone to sell them to.

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Pup Daddy

On my way out of the door in pre-dawn darkness, I stopped to wake Pup Daddy. Although still on break from university, he is practicing getting up early in preparation for return to classes January 18.

I poke his shoulder. "It's 6:45..."

"Huh...thanks." he mumbles, rolling over on the couch. He raises on his skinny arms in a sort of push up thing, then flops face down onto the cushions. I laugh.

"Good start, kiddo! Give it another try." I say, shutting the door behind me.

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How I Got Here

It's nearly 9AM. I'm in bed, but not still-in-bed. I went to sleep at 2:30, got up at 6:15 to drive High Schooler to her school, 30 miles away (we'll get to that later). Normally, I'd go to work in the same town where High Schooler schools, but I've been unemployed for nearly six months, so I just turned around and drove back to the current dwelling.


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