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Rat Pup speaks!

For the last month or so, we've noticed that Rat Pup says words. At first, they were not the clearest of sounds, but they were consistent.

Teen Parent spent the first months of Rat Pup's life calling for Pup Daddy's help.

"Matt? Can you please bring a diaper?"

"Matt? Will you take her while I find a onesie?"

"Matt? Have you seen the laundry basket?"

"Matt!" came out of the infant seat when Rat Pup was two months old.

We looked at one another, baffled. Did we just hear an eight-week-old talk?

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This morning

Teen Parent and I went over to our near-foreclosed investment property early this morning to pull down the Christmas lights. Apparently the heavy, melting snow made the roof leak, and that has led to 2 ceiling tiles in the kitchen becoming soggy and collapsing all over the floor. God only knows what kind of damage the water itself did. Guess I'll have to scrounge up a couple of those big, spongy-looking tiles and go fix it. At least this is manageable.

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Rant cut short

I apply for jobs daily. I try new techniques. I brush up my resume so often that it's starting to have a threadbare feel to it. I got a call for a temp job, the first in seven months of unemployment. It's for two days next week IF they need me.

I email my attorney about the thousands I'm owed in back child support. He is absolutely useless, but it takes money to retain a new one, and well...

Despite relentless advertisement, the apartments in the house I bought in 2005 sit empty. The house teeters on the edge of foreclosure.

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Snow Day!

School is cancelled, court is cancelled.

We're all here today as heavy snow falls outside of the windows. Utilities are still on, and I went grocery shopping yesterday. The store had some great 5lb bag of potatoes, get TWO 3lb bag of onions, get TWO free, and numerous other buy-one-get-one deals. I had a coupon for $9 off a 20lb bag of Carolina brand rice. Whoo-hoo, a name brand for $4.99!

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I need security cameras around here.

High Schooler asked if she could join a friend next weekend to watch a snowboarding competition 300 miles away. The friend's family has accomodations near the location.

"I need to talk to her grown-ups" I said. Before the bru-ha-ha of the last few weeks with High Schooler, I wouldn't have hesitated. Lately it seems I can't let her out of my sight.

Later this evening, I noticed her sitting in the room usually occupied by Pup Daddy/Teen Parent/Rat Pup. They are away for the night, and nothing of High Schooler's is in that room.

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One good turn

Yesterday, the Eastern corridor where we live got hit by a surprise snow fall. Meteorologists said "flurries and light snow". The actual storm dropped only about 2 inches but for some reason, none of the municipalities bothered to salt/sand the roads, believing that there would be no accumulation.

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Food and priorities

Woke up this morning to no cable/phone/internet service. Oops, guess I put off that payment just one day too long. $101.60 past due. I wish I had not opted for that Triple Play deal that gives phone, internet and cable TV for one price, with a contract. To opt out now would mean cancelling the cable entirely, and well, TV is about the only entertainment we still have. I suppose we could live without it, but I'd rather not.

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Help w/photos on blog?

Hey, HTML-skilled Mamas, can you tell me why my photos disappear a day after I post them? Every time I post a photo, it appears beautifully the first day, but the second day, I only see a red square on the screen where the image should be. It is not the classic "broken link" icon of a letter X inside of a double box, and the text does not disappear, only the image.

I have tried using 2 different browsers, Google Chrome and IE.

Here is the syntax I use to post a photo: < img src="url" / > w/url from photos hosted on


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