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My kids lost their grandmother

My former Mother In Law passed away.

She had surgery for a benign tumor, and bled too much during the surgery. The medical decisionmakers kept her sedated for several days. They said it would give her body a chance to heal. Instead of healing, she went into kidney failure, so they disconnected her support machines and let her die. Sounds to me like this was a disaster of bad decisions starting with the decision to have surgery at 85.

I recognize that all of those decisions are none of my business. I still wish they'd made different decisions.

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Haven't posted in a while

It's been over a month since I've posted. Hello, all.

I wish I had something to say see, I've had lots of things happen that could be perceived as Good.

The trouble is, they don't feel good, and some of the Good things seem to have each come with their own can of worms.

I won't go into the details here, each Good Vs. Worms situation deserves an entry of its own. Let's just say that I'm working on working things out, but they're still not working.

See what I mean?

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Big Grat!

I mentioned to my dwellingmates that the job has no provision for making a good cup of tea.

I work in the offices of a warehouse/manufacturing plant. We have computers and indoor plumbing, but it is not Xerox Corporate Headquarters by a long shot.

There are microwaves, and those K-cup coffee brewers that brew single servings of something similar to tea, but with stomach-turning acidity and greasy coffee overtones.

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six bibs, a coat and a couch

Working full time again has certainly done one thing for's made me look forward to weekends. The long months of unemployment were a confusing study of time...I had time on my hands, but it seemed, not much time to do anything because I had to look for a job...and any time I wasn't looking for a job, I was worrying about the many repercussions of not having a job.

In other words, I had time, time, time, but couldn't enjoy it.

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That nasty unfriending thing again

It's been a rough year for friendships.

I found out this year in some not-so-nice ways that I get on many people's nerves. Like, a lot worse than I thought. And that a lot of people just plain don't like or respect me very much. I've had some ugly betrayal from family, and a couple of write-offs that both broke my heart and made me feel a sense of wrenching loneliness. I questioned my spidey-sense...why did I not see the handwriting on the wall? I grew mildly paranoid, wondering if I was not able to see the signs of a deteriorating relationship until it blew up in my face.

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how to embed

Can someone give me instructions on how to embed video into a post? I try copying/pasting the code on youtube or yahoo video, but the post appears with just a big blank space. I've settled for posting links, but would much rather have the video to which I refer sitting right there in all of its clickable glory. Thanks.

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Vibes...crossed fingers....any mojo appreciated.

I interviewed for a job yesterday that might be great. At any rate, it would give me a feeling of purpose and a little more $$ to work with. It's also in my beloved Former Town, where I have to take High Schooler every weekday morning, anyway. If it pays enough, maybe I can move back or at least move closer when my lease is up June 1.

But I'm putting the cart before the horse...

One of the people I provided as a reference sent me an email to let me know the potential employer called her today to ask for said reference. Of course, my reference said she sang my praises.


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