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Mother In Law's Memorial

My girls were able to attend their Grandmother's memorial service. Teen Parent gave up a weekend of earning wages to attend, which is a large sacrifice for her since she works two twelve-hour shifts each weekend in order to cram all of her workweek into the two days when there is child care available. The loss of a week's pay is quite a blow to a single parent.

Their uncle, their father's brother, arranged and paid for the flights. He didn't ask if we needed it, he just called and said "shall I book their flights?". Of course, we said yes.

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So much for good intentions

I opened the refrigerator to get a red delicious apple for a snack, but ate three-quarters of 12-ounce container of homemade vanilla buttercream frosting. Sat right down on the floor in front of the fridge and snarfed it.

It made perfect sense when I was reaching for it, seemed completely rational while I socked back the spoonfuls.

The buyer's regret hit when I was scraping the Rubbermaid logo on the bottom of the container for the last molecule.

I can almost feel the cellulite expanding.

Glamorous's picture the doghouse at work.

This job isn't working out. I don't much enjoy the tasks, am having trouble understanding the expectations, and seem to be alienating people without meaning to do so.

I'm great at creating or redesigning processes. I'm great at finding shortcuts and increasing process efficiency. I'm great at logistics. I'm great at writing operating procedures. I am great at developing strong customer relationships.

I suck at data entry. Unfortunately, there's a lot of that around here.

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Princess High Schooler

Back in September, High Schooler mentioned that she wished I'd given her a princess party when she was younger.

Her birthday was this past Friday. The budget being what it is, we decided on having a nice dinner at home. We invited our closest friends, a wonderful family that happens to have four kids, three of whom are teens and good friends with my kids. She also brought home a school friend to spend the night.

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Learning to be proud

Pup Daddy has completed his second semester of university. On full 4-year academic scholarship.

Last night in the kitchen, he looked up from his laptop with a spectacular grin.

"A...A-...B+...A...A...that's a 3.8 average!" He said. I gave a joyful whoop, High Schooler fist pumped, Teen Parent crowed and clapped, Rat Pup shrieked simply because we were being noisy.

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I can't explain this one.

Ok, so maybe I've gone soft. Pup Daddy and Teen Parent are carless. They walk or use public transportation to travel to school, work and for errands. Since we live in the Northeast, that requires stroller covers, ponchos, sturdy shoes, all manner of foul weather equipment.

About two months ago, we were having torrential weather. I arrived at our dwelling to find Pup Daddy's pants and jacket draped over the apartment's radiators. His shoes sat on a soaked newspaper. "I must have left our umbrella on the bus" he explained. "It was a good one, too. Never turned inside out".

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I thought I hated surprises

Teen Parent was at work. High Schooler had gone to a party at a friend's.

Pup Daddy and I were hanging out in my room watching a movie and trying to soothe the miserable Rat Pup. She'd been in a cycle of trying to manage a bottle around her red, tender gums. She yanked the nipple out of her mouth, dissolving into frustrated screams of pain. Worn out from both hunger and discomfort, she'd cried herself into a fitful nap.

While the baby slept on my legs, Pup Daddy headed into the kitchen. "It's finals next week, I have to study" he explained.

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Digging out

I breathed a sigh of relief when I was hired full time in February. I guess I breathed a little too soon.

The long months of collecting unemployment, watching savings dwindle from the designated three months' worth of living expenses to $1.28, watching debt pile up, facing foreclosure, repossession and other ugly realities had finally come to an end. Now that I had a job, I could get back on my feet.

Couldn't I?


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